The Unexpected Win


Enough with my dismay last week in regards to my disqualification from the DiGi Movie Marathon 2010. Anyway, I congratulate DiGi for holding such an event in Kuching, and I hope more will come again. There are a lot of things which could be improved, but it was a good effort by DiGi.

Anyway, I received a call from FedEx last week, Friday to be exact.  They said I had a parcel with them, and they are wondering when I would be home to receive it.  I was puzzled because I was not expecting anything from anyone or any contest, except the AirAsia Megastore contest I won a month or  so ago. Yes, they have not delivered the prize, maybe the AirAsia flight bringing my prize was delayed. Who knows? hehehehe…  Well, after a short thought, I told them to come on Monday as I was expecting to be very occupied with the DiGi Movie Marathon at tHe Spring (which I got disqualified).

However, when the FedEx truck arrived at my place, I was surprised.  The box was way bigger than what I’ve expected to accommodate the Olympus Digital Camera I’ve won from the AirAsia Megastore Contest, and it didn’t have any AirAsia Megastore marking.  Instead, a clear hand written ‘Malaysia’ was spotted.  It seems that the parcel was not from Malaysia, but overseas. This puzzled me.

I rushed up home, and opened the box (I was excited ba), delighted to find the Sony DSC-H55 Cyber Shot well wrapped.  There was also a note.

It was from Intel.  It was a contest I joined a few months ago for fun, which I forgot. Apparently, I won the monthly prize form one of my entries. How awesome is that?  To make it even sweeter, Intel threw in a 4GB SDHC memory card, and a casing.

What a way to start a Monday… 🙂

p/s: Due to having too many point and shoot digital cameras, I’m selling off my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8 for RM250 (negotiable).  The camera is highly recommended a review here say. Anyone interested?


  1. I commented here, but I don’t see the comment. Damn! meaning to say comment hari tu tak masuk. my homey suddenly switched off my streamyx.

    anyway, congratulations again on the winning, bro.. my god! you got a camera! such lucky!!

  2. Hey bro! 🙂

    Woah! You gotta stop signing up for contests which offer Cameras as prizes! Haha…

    Congrats for the win tho’. 😀

    By the way, it was nice meeting you at B2.0. Catch you again next time!

    • Yo bro! welcome to my humble blog. Well, I don’t plan to stop joining contest offering cameras as I want one camera.. a DSLR 😛

      And its nice to meet you too bro. Hope we do meet again next time. This time, a longer chat I hope.

  3. Hello Cyril,

    What a thrill on Monday! I share your happiness. I’m sure it is a good camera.

    Unfortunately, I don’t buy digicam (as for now). Try your luck in bro. Who knows? There might be people who are interested.

    Have a nice day.

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