The Winning Parody Video


This week has been fun… It’s the Malaysia Day week, and everyone is having some sort of project which is related to a video. Fahriee is doing this video for Arthur’s Day which is really interesting, while Mike decided that we should do a parody of a popular “Wassup” commercial which you can see below:

Anyway, Fahriee’s video is rather simple, and he is trying to get more people into his project within 5 more days to the closing date. The initial part of the video seems very promising, and I am actually excited to see the final outcome. If you are interested to feature in the video, do contact Fahri, but those who feature in his video must agree that their image/video can be used by Guinness worldwide.

Well, back to Mike’s parody video… There was 5 of us involved (Mike, Fahri, Rodz, Amiey, Norman, and myself) and shooting was at Mike’s. We started at 9:30am, but only finished at 1:00pm. That’s like 3 hours to shoot a 1 minute 2 second video!! There were constant bloopers, and I had problems memorizing my lines, and I wonder why God didn’t make me an actor 😛

So, anyway… the movie shoot gave me a new found respect for actors and actresses. They way they can become so natural in front of TV is really something special, and it really needs talent and hard work.

Okay, I wouldn’t want to bore you more, so here’s a video that was made:

What do you think?? Ahh.. regardless, I actually had a lot of fun doing it 😛


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