The Winning Wine @Grand Margherita Hotel


Got an invite to cover the launch of a new wine line in both Grand Magherita Hotel and Riverside Hotel.  To be honest, I have no idea how do you rate ‘good wine’ and ‘ordinary wine’, and I do not fancy wine at all. I’d prefer liquor, followed by beer, and wine will be last on my list.  In fact, I have a personal view that wine is for the ladies because it is ‘less powerful’ compared to beer and liquor.

I couldn’t be more wrong because a sip of Lapostolle Cassa Chardonnay Vinatage from Chile proved that wine is ‘strong’.  Strong enough to make you drunk like what you see on TV. Yep, as drunk as depicted in TV series like Gossip Girl where they’d get wasted over a bottle of wine, and end up sleeping together doing those errmm…. you know lah…

Well, the Winning Wine event was held at the Rajang Lobby Lounge at Grand Margherita Hotel, and I can say I am amazed with the lounge.  Given the location and ambiance, it’s one of the best places you could choose to have a glass of wine while chilling away, taking a sneak peak at what other guest are doing. At night, they’ll be a live band performing. Rajang Lobby Lounge just entered the ‘good places to chill out‘ in my list.  Seems like Starbucks is loosing foothold in my list 😛

Ahhh.. three paragraphs, and still little about the Winning Wine event. Okay, I’d better start now.

Basically, the event organizers also brought in W.K. Chong, a wine expert from Riche Monde, Kuala Lumpur to tell us what’s so beautiful and fantastic about the new line of wine. Being a novice in wine. Okay-lah.. being some sort of an idiot when it comes to wine, I failed to understand what he was describing.  Nonetheless, I followed his suggestions in pairing certain types of wine such as the Chandon Shiraz Vintage with the meat/beef and, what do you know… A taste I like!!

More suggestions popped out of Chong’s mouth, and I dully followed them.  Some were not to my taste, but some were pleasing enough for me to have seconds.

To be honest, no matter what I say about how the wine taste, and how the pairing of wine and food taste, it still falls back to the person whom is going to drink the wine.  So, don’t take my word about how delightful the wine was, but head on to the Rajang Lobby Lounge, or the Club (located at Riverside Majestic) to indulge yourself in some wine tasting yourself.  All this wine talk however does make me feel like speaking French.. “Au Revoir??” Okay, I have no idea what that just meant.


  1. Haha! I just berjinak2 with wine, it’s my mother-in-law who started me on it. I remember watching a movie about wine tasting history & competition in astro, very interesting, from it I understand the term of New World wine, and Chile if im not mistaken, is categorized under New World. You should watch it if there is a repeat. one of the most famous New World wine is California wine, but havent tried it yet. I dont even know the difference between shiraz, chardonnay, sauvignon etc..yet hehe.. i can only tell either it’s masam, manis or spicy only huhu..

    I think wine tasting is interesting and sophisticated hobby, but we can only afford the cheap one so far :p

  2. Ivynana:
    Hahaha…Sure you can. If you are in the Sarawak Bloggers listing, I would extend the invites to you in the future 🙂 And when you think of it, yea, GG and DH are similar.. just the age of the actors. The age of the viewers varies, so watching DH does not mean you are not young 🙂

    ‘Science’? Wahh.. never seen it in that perspective 🙂

    LOL.. Well, at least you know your stuff. I have no idea whats the difference between this and that wine. Come to think of it, yes, the wine from Chile did have the spicy feel. Waaahhh.. u do know your stuff!! *Tabik spring!!

  3. Wine from Chile is slightly spicy, but I really love them, very different and mmg kick. My favorite so far is still port Wines from Portugal though, so special and I can never get enough of it, sampai my hubby complaint that I should try other wine more instead of limiting my choice lol..

  4. Great..wish I can have those kind of invitation.
    what…you watch Gossip Girl?! I stopped watching after a few episode, I prefer Desperate Housewives, maybe because I’m not that young anymore..xoxo!

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