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I was amused on how Theresa Kok (Seputeh MP) was trying to lie to the public (or is her English that bad, that she can’t express herself with the correect words??).  I recall her saying “The food during ISA is almost like dog food” and I saw the words coming out of her very own mouth.  I think most of us Malaysians whom saw that clip, would agree on what she said when she reffered to the “almost dog food” as two boiled eggs, cucumber and some ‘kuah’.

Today, she came on TV stating she was given fish and chicken, and said “I didn’t mean similar like dog food, but a little better than dog food“, while she stressed the word “a little better“.  Dude, who are you kidding me????  (by the way, read this article.. its intersting)

I always respected Theresa Kok as she is an activist.  Not only that, she is a Catholic activist.  I met her during the 2003 Inter-Campus Gathering at Majodi Cetre, and she knows what she stands for, and I respect that.  In fact, I do think that she is one of the few which could make a difference in Malaysia, despite me, not really into what she stands for.  Yeah.. I am the few which think ISA is needed in the country, with a few reviews over it.  I do not think the ISA should be abolished.

Anyway, Theresa Kok’s latest statement has made me lost my respect over her.  My personal opinion is that she has lied.  She has lied in front of TV some more.  If you were watching the 8 o’clock news on TV3 during the 22nd September 2008, you would have seen how obvious her statements contradict.  I do acknowledge that TV3 seem to purposely highlight both her statements, but that’s their job.  To show us proof, and let us decide.

I don’t know where you guys stand on this issue… and its interesting to know whether tomorrow (23 Sept 2008) would see the opposition gain power over the country..

Yeah….I’m not pro-government, nor I am pro-opposition… but I will support those I think stand for the right things… and at the moment, my vote goes to neither as I am unhappy with the mis-use and double standards practised within the enforcement of the Internal Security Act (ISA), and I think the opposition is talking bullshit to create disharmony and fish people’s sympathy to support them.  Do agree with me??

ahhhh…. all of a sudden the phrase


comes into mind.


  1. i think we hear this kind of comment from ppl around us when it comes to bad food. I think you’re missing the point where it is what she is implying that matters. Compared to the other UMNO lies, this is nothing and i see how you’re so focused on it to let your respect slide so easily. Kind of like how you notice the black spot on a piece of paper instead of seeing the white all around.

  2. Em, not that I see the bad side only… but all this while, I have great respect for Theresa for talking about the truth. But when she goes to the point of trying to twist something, to make something else she doesn’t support look bad… She has gone low. My point is that she is trying to highlight something, but only publishing the bad side of it, and not revealing the “other side”.

    Its just like some other parties in Malaysia which are quick to point out fault in everything, despite the good which has been done. I prefer that people/politicians tell the whole story without leaving any details, and let the listeners to decide. Telling only the bad side, will make everyone think of the negative side only…

  3. wah…revelation…you have discovered a great mystery! dumb ass.

    you like 13mil other malaysians fall for the stupid Tv3, utusan, thestar, berita harian. tv2, tv1, ntv7 BULLSHIT! guess what’s the common factor between all those mass media? oh of course..they are owned by either Umno or MCA. WTF. Wake up dude.

    1. it was a statement about food. from her point of view/experience, it’s crap food. and she was being honest about that.

    2. she retracted and insisted that her initial statement is factually incorrect. well, at least she is the one tha would RECTIFY her mistakes..unlike your beloved tun mahathir, who still insisted that he is always right.

    3. you are talking about a statement that is made immediate after the release from ISA detention.

    4. same to Gopal raj or whatever his real name is, you can keep voting taib mahmud and his BN fellas in…and let them screw your sarawak white ass till it’s gone.

  4. I think in a way, we need the ISA… so it shouldn’t be abolished, just reviewed, so that nobody gets caught in between and no minister will resign unnecessarily.

    If it were you, being detained for standing up to your belief and rights, feeling wronged by the system… and suddenly flashed before the whole nation, with an opportunity to point fingers or say something demeaning to maybe correct a wrong… I supposed I couldnt blame her. With nothing much wrong to complain about, you pick on the food because it’s a familiar topic, which is bad promo for the govt. But then, the oppositions have been known for making petty things bigger than they seem.

  5. To me, neither of them is worth my support. One so damn corrupted, another so damn lot of dramas. As for ISA part, I do agree that it shoulld not be demolished. It just need to be use use in a right way not like what had happened recently. They abused the system!

  6. yup, i saw the clip too.. hehe.. doesnt she know that people will playback the clip again? haha.. our politic is going to the drain. and by the way, why they have to argue about the food? Thanked God that shes free now.. why dont they focus on other important things instead of arguing about the food? am i rite?

  7. One Other
    >>> Yeah, You have a good point there.

    Mama Belian & Cengal
    >>> All of a sudden, they become famous heh?? 😛

    >>> Second you on the abolishment and misuse of the ISA…

    >>> You hit the chord. They should focus on more important things. Shame la.. Malaysian politics has gone to a new low if you ask me.

  8. Ah…the complexity of politics. Those who practise politics are known as politicians but they are normal people like us. Its just that situations get complicated that is bigger than them. Sometimes these are beyond them – its how they act during these out of the normal circumstances that defines them. Some politicians thrives and rise again after every beating. Some just flop banished in the textbook of history – if ever ther are remembered.

    cdason says: I don’t know what to say.. hahahha..hhe

  9. well both of u pro umno and pro PKR are all bullshit.
    you make us rakyat’s life miserable in your own way.
    theresa kok is no exception and especially anwar ibrahim.
    2 x 5=10

    STOP bickering and go back to WORK!you power hungry people, attention seeker!

    fighting for the rakyat konon. ye lah sangat! and NO, not all malaysians are pro PKR. unlike you there are some malaysian who can think in rational. So dont be mad when anyone disagree with you, PKR supporters. Cause just like umno supporters, you yourself are just as obsessed or perhaps more!

    >>>cdason says: hahahahah.. no coment on this… but I agree they should stop bickering and get back to work.

  10. wow..i love your work..:) keep it up. I think politicians either frm BN or PKR are full of cock n bull stories. All of them are power hunger n they really dont care bout us the people who elected and voted for them..

    GOOD JOB ..

    Ahh.. glad you like it 😀

  11. it took guts for what you wrote..we are on the same boat …i even received death treat frm these ulamak sympathzer…coz i criticized these fellas in my blog….

    Ahhh.. I actually just write what I feel. People always condemn when they are not happy. I just think its their opinion.. as long as its not harsh:P


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