The Police Report

BONUS!!! Hell Yeah!!! I’m getting a one months bonus!!!!  Now I can buy that Washing Machine I always wanted!!  Thanks Pak Lah!!

Oh yes.. Anwar won as expected in the Permatang Pauh parlimentary seat.  The election itself has been said to be the most violent in Malaysia’s history, and interestingly, this week has been very challenging for me myself as I have been receiving numerous threats through SMS.  The threats got worst and worst despite me not replying it, and I finally had no other option but to make my first official police report.  Just to be on the safe side you know.

Anyway, the process took not more than an hour, with the police giving me tips on how I should handle the situation.  I’d prefer not to mention what’s it about… because as far as I am concern, I feel the person threatening me is just merely talking shit and showing off, when in reality… nothing is to be done.  Nonetheless, the person also has threatened to hurt Emy, and that is unacceptable for me.  After all, it’s always better to be with the law… hence, my final decision to lodge a police report.

Since I am talking about police reports, I noticed that Irene pointed out some issues regarding bloggers which got entangled in court issues, as well as threats over what they say in their blog.  I think most of us bloggers should read her article, as it is a good eye opener, especially for those whom tends to be very harsh in their blog post.  It’s actually not really about what you say, but how you put it.  I am a little worried actually after reading Irene’s post, but I do not recall bashing anyone that bad except for Proton Edar.

Nonetheless, it will be soon Merdeka day, and I decided to put up my ‘huge’ Sarawak flag up again.  However, honestly, I do not feel really up to Merdeka this year, as I have already drawn up some ‘personal’ plans.  The only problem is, the plans might not materialize as new things have emerged lately.  Other than that, I’m still very much looking forward to the Sarawak Independence Day which is on the 16th of Sept, and see whether the current government would actually fall, and be replaced by the Pakatan Rakyat government lead by newly elected MP… Mr Anwar Ibrahim…

and yeah.. I actually do follow politics, and I can’t wait to see what would happen in the Dewan Rakyat tomorrow when Anwar returns as an MP!!  Malaysian politics just got a hell way more interesting!!


  1. wat? a police report? hmm.. no comment

    on the politics, yup, malaysian politics become more n more scary and full of drama. always wondering what wud be tomoro’s headlines as it is always full of surprises.

  2. Times like this I wish I was at home. I would have voted anyone else other than the current party in a heartbeat. Malaysia needs change. Big time. Hope you’re alright (about that police report issue).

  3. Irene
    >>> No prob Irene. After all, it just happened I was writing about police reports.

    >>> depends on the case actually jimmy, but I’d prefer the police to know, although I doubt they can do anything.

    >>> Hahha..politics is getting more fun eyh Eda.. just can’t wait for Sarawak elections next year.

    >>> I don’t really believe in that investment bro. I never strike. Always ‘almost’ strike.. huhuh

    >>> Yea.. seems that most of the new generation is echoing your sentiment Gloria. Anyway, I’m fine. The police report is just a precaution so that the police know who to look for if I’m based up or whatever it is..

    >>> its not actually the best solution bro, but it is the only solution. Especially when you don’t want it to get out of hand.

  4. Nope I havent. Maybe next year. I’ve heard a lot about it… and it kind of scares me to go. You know, as they say they brain wash and belittle you so much during that course.


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