There Goes My Credit Card

2009 wasn’t a good year for me financially. There’s a huge hole in my wallet. This year, the government introduced the RM50 per credit card, and I have 3. So, do the math. It’s seriously money down the drain, and with that said, I have every reason to severe one of my 3 credit cards as the photo below:

While I acknowledge that the government does need to find new ways to increase their income while at the same time promote a healthy spending habit, I disagree about the RM50 per principal credit card solely on one reason: WE ARE MOVING BACKWARDS.

In this era of technology, we are required to use credit cards for daily business transaction over the internet, and I was really hoping that the government would give allowance for an individual to have at least 1 credit card without having to pay for the credit card service charge. But with so much subsidies going around, and so much money being pumped here and there to impress the people, I guess the government is short of funds, hence the need to outsource money from credit card users.

I wonder what ever happened to the conventional way of increasing revenue by increasing the prices of cigarettes? Hehehe… Yea, I’m not a big fan of cigarettes 😛

Anyway, with my 2010 resolution being “SAVE MORE AND SPEND LESS“, I’ll be looking out for Kuching’s most affordable, yet delicious nasi lemak. Any suggestions?

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