Things I’ll do during the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down


The Sarawak COVID19 lock-down started yesterday, 18 Mac 2020, and it is expected to end on 31st March 2020.

It is the first time Sarawak, as well as Malaysia, would be on a partial lock-down since I can remember.

During this Sarawak COVID19 lock-down, the public is urged to stay at home and refrain from going out.  Gatherings involving more than 50 people are not allowed, and all events involving the gathering of people are also banned.

Also enforced is the closure of sporting facilities and dine-in services at restaurants and shops. Supermarkets and shops selling essential items however would remain open.

Adding to those restrictions is a mandatory 14 day self quarantine period for those arriving into Sarawak.  The partial lock-down is quite extensive and law enforcement officers are rumoured to be going around to ensure the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down is followed.


That said, with most of us now stuck at home here’s what I plan to do during this Sarawak COVID19 lock-down period.


This goes to the top of my list when it comes to things to do during the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down.

It’s a pretty easy thing to do, takes little effort and it’s satisfying.

I’ve been watching a lot of Korean Dramas (K-Dramas) on Netflix since the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down, and it has made time pass by faster. In 30 days, I’ve completed Crash Landing on You, Doctors and Memories of the Alhambra.

Although I do believe it’s impossible for me to run out of things to watch via Netflix, I think it’s worth to note that both ASTRO and Unifi have both announced they are opening their respective movie channels (and more) for FREE so there’s plenty of options for entertainment in front of the TV.


I have a small yard which has been rather ‘abandoned’.

This partial lock-down is the best time to start making use of it.  I’ve already planted lemon grass, lime, ginger, chillies, pandan, bunga kantan and pineapple.

I may include other vegetables soon as I have the time to care for them this 14 days.

The task isn’t easy, but gardening itself produces sweat as its a form of exercise.

On top of that, taking care of the plants would also take my mind of the lock-down and provide food essentials shall the lock-down prolongs.


I have a couple of blogs which are in dire need of updating.

For the past months, I have found myself with little time to update them all, but now, this opportunity has present itself to do so. Just so you know, I opened, or rather redesigned my education blog which is now accessible at Chegu.CyrilDason.

I hope to update this blog even more, and redesign some of the blog layouts to make it look better.

The only question now is can I complete all these within the 14 days?


The Sarawak COVID19 lock-down means most of us have 14 days off work.

This is therefore the best time to do some house cleaning and repairs, like repainting the house doors which had been needing a fresh coat of paint.

Sarawak COVID19 lock-down

I think the house grills also need some cleaning, and the windows need to be cleaned as well.

On top of that, I think this is a good time to service all the air-condition at home as well.


To be honest, this is unlikely to happen given that I’m so into K-Dramas these days, but I have a few books which might come in handy during the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down.

Sarawak COVID19 lock-down, billion dollar whale

Reading these books should be great to reduce screen time which isn’t great for my eyes.

The two titles I have now are the One billion dollar whale and countless numbers of travel magazines which would be good for my other site, KuchingBorneo.


My wife works 9-5, and my daughter spends like a few extra hours with me in a day, if compared to my wife.

I think, this partial lock-down is a great time to spend time with my family as we aren’t allowed to go out or balik kampung.

I foresee asking my daughter help me with the cleaning of the house, as well as watching some TV series together.

Aside from that, I do see some board games played with the family.


Keeping myself updated on the COVID19 situation has its pros and cons.

For now, I will only read news from major newspapers and ignore (or choose not to belief) what I read on social media and text messages.

There’s too many people spreading so called ‘updates’ on the lock-down and the COVID19 that I don’t know which is true.

Some of these information create unnecessary panic and anxiety.  That said, I will just stick to the main news and keep calm.


I guess, the most important thing during this Sarawak COVID19 lock-down is to practice social distancing and to stay healthy by practicing good hygiene.

Despite the many thing I can do, I do however hope that the lock-down won’t last long and that there would be a cure for the COVID19 soon.

Either way, stay safe, stay home and stay healthy.


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