Thinking Of You…


Lately, it’s been raining really heavy here in Kuching. The mornings usually start off well, with the sun shinning like the day is just all well. However, come evening, the clouds turn grey and soon it turns dark and it would be thunderstorms coupled with lightning. Such a lovely time to sleep and doze off really, but too bad I’m very busy with work these few days.

View from my place

Anyway, I am honestly a huge country song lover. Anyone close to me would know this by simply observing the songs I sing and search over the internet. Well, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure they are country songs but any song which prominently features a guitar is country to me =P Okay..okay.. let’s make it acoustic songs.. yeah? deal?

I’m also a sucker for gospel songs, not because I’m holly, but I just love them.

Well, in Season 3, the series Leverage featured this song from Christian Kane called Thinking Of You. Check it out below:

Awesome? Yes? No? Hell.. I love it…


  1. Hi Cyril,

    I thank God for the rain. It’s been hot for weeks. And like you, I like country and gospel songs. But not all country songs lah. Hahah!

  2. It’s been sunny and raining here in Kota Kinabalu. The weather is crazy. But sometimes I think it’s gewd that it’s cloudy in the evening, I still get to run/jog with nice cooling weather. ;D

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