This Is My Love [Korean Drama]

If I had to choose a drama which focuses on epic love, This Is My Love (also known as My Love Eun Dong) would be it.

It’s one of those dramas which is for the hopeless romantic, and you will likely cry buckets along the way.


This drama tells of an epic love between Ji Eun-dong and Ji Eun-ho, which is the kind of love I have not seen in any drama, or English series so far.

I say this because Ji Eun-ho, a Korean heartthrob, gave his all for 20 years working hard to become famous, just so that he could find the love of his life, Ji Eun-dong, which he lost.

The love is mutual between the two, but circumstances part them twice, much to the despair of both lovers.

It gets devastating as he encounters numerous challenges, with things getting really messy when he actually finds her, leading to a lot of heartache and well, buckets of crying.

I felt that the desire and effort Eun-ho put in was so much, that it broke my heart every time things didn’t go his way.

The drama was interesting not only due to the excellent acting by both the leads, but also how their love is properly explained and explored through the 16 episodes.

As I watched it episode by episode, I can’t help but root for the couple and that’s what great dramas do.

While I thought the soundtrack of the drama could be better, This Is My Love somewhat reminded me of ‘Menunggu Kamu’, which is an sad Indonesian song by Anji.  An excellent cover of the song is below.


This drama is highly ranked in my K-Drama List To Binge and there’s good reason for that.

While it does make you cry a lot, it also has it’s funny moments, although they are rare.

Regardless, the drama’s ending was satisfying enough, and I would likely rate the ending as being one of the best out there for a Korean drama because there’s closure.  After all the hardship, devastation and sadness, the ending was good enough although no one really won. (Trying to avoid spoiling it for you)

My suggestion to you is to watch this drama with a box of tissue ready at hand. It is a story of a romance every decade that was worth watching.

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