This one’s for Mi!

Those knowing me well would know I’m sort of a Xiaomi fanboy. Uh. No, ‘fanboy’ is wrong really. I just prefer Xiaomi smartphones compared to the rest because they are cheap, glowing with quality and the best Android version ever, the MIUI.

During father’s day last year, my wife bought me a new smartphone to replace my Mi3.  The purchase was a new phone, known as the Mi4i.

Mi4i present2

While you may have read about me getting the Mi4i here, here’s the untold story.

My wife had instructed her nieces to buy the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone as a surprise gift for me.  My nieces, clueless about smartphone model differences, eventually had to ask me about their purchase in which they told me it was a gift for ‘a friend’.  I gave them pointers on getting the right phone, but they ended up buying the Mi4i phone and couldn’t exchange it as the sale was a done deal, and they only seeked my advice when they were negotiating about the phone, or perhaps when they have concluded the purchase. Before I knew the phone was actually for me, I told my wife “Untung orang bergerek nowadays, baru gerek, dah kena berik phone“. Full marks for my wife for keeping things closely under wraps hahahahah..

Anyway, while I was ecstatic and happy to get this new phone, using it after a few months revealed it was not exactly the phone for me.

The Mi4i’s storage of 16GB was far from sufficient for my heavy use, and while it is one hell of a ‘tahan lasak’ phone, I felt the 2GB RAM was quite lacking.  The insufficient space and RAM cause my phone to jam every now and then, so it got pretty annoying after a while.
Present 33 1
That was when I started wanting a new phone, and was eyeing the Mi Note by the end of 2016, because I couldn’t get a single SIM phone no more due to the fact I own two numbers.  The Mi Note was capable of supporting two SIM cards, had 3GB of RAM and a huge 64GB internal storage. I know I said I didn’t favour a huge screen phone, but nowadays, all smartphones seem to be 5-inch above, so what the heck!
Mi Note
Well, before the end of this year came, and before I could buy the phone myself, a pleasant double surprise came with my wife, known also as Coffee Girl, surprising me with the Mi Note which came with perhaps the best ever card I’ve got to date. – She always has a way with words. One reason I love her so much!
33 birthday card
To add to everything, the persistent questions she asked on where I’d want to have my birthday dinner turned out to be a real surprise dinner which she planned carefully.  Bet she was nervous since I didn’t decide on the dinner place until the very last day. Hahahah…

The very last minutes decision was due to my reluctance to make such a huge deal out of my birthday because I do feel ‘old’.  In fact, I told my wife (when she wanted to invite another two friends for the dinner) to just tell them its for a normal dinner, but she said to me ‘they would have guessed its your birthday anyway’. LOL.

So imagine my surprise when I saw another three friends at Oinks Restaurant!

Well, it was indeed a very pleasant and unexpected surprise really, and this really tops any other birthday I’ve had before.  In Mike’s words, ‘I’ve never seen Cyril so shy’… ahh! and that’s just proof how much I was caught by surprise. Good work Coffee Girl!
33 birthday oinks
So to my buddies, and especially to my wife Coffee Girl, and my lil one Carissa, thank you so much for making my 33rd birthday such a memorable one, thank you for the phone, and of course thank you for being there for me.  Love you guys long time.

p/s: I am considering to sell off the Mi4i, but probably in due time.  Expecting a price of RM400 (negotiable), and it comes with whatever is left of the Xiaomi Malaysia warranty. DM/PM me on my social media accounts, or whatsapp me if you are interested.

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