Top 10 Things in 21-27 June 2008


Guess what?? This is the top 10 things I have noticed this week….

1-People reveal too much of themselves on community networks such as Friendster, Facebook, Mysapce etc.
2-Flipping channels is for those whom are bored and have nothing else better to do.
3-Humans tend to talk about secrets, no matter how secretive it is.
4-Purposely cutting your body would hurt, and you’d regret it a few days after you’ve done it!
5-There are more ‘two-faces‘ out there then any one knows.
6-You need something/someone to hug, when its cold.
7-Checking exam sheets is really boring!!
8-The saying “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” or “To know is to love” is as true as it gets.
9-A person can ruin a lot of hard work, and even the best ever planned event!
10-Streamyx is the worst broadband service in the whole wide world!!!!

I have work (checking exam sheets).. but I am bored.. I am fliiping TV channels (again!!), and its cold…. and when you start to knoe someone more, you get to love them more…

and the MJROBOTICS party the other day?  Well.. it could have been better… and guess what?? I know more about most of my students through Friendster!! wuahahha.. like I said.. I’m bored and its darn cold!!


  1. Thankfully when I was a student, Friendster wasn’t the rage yet. Plus, most of my teachers were actually the old-skool ones so they won’t know how to search FS anyway! (I hope). If they bump into me in any of the social networking sites, I’m more than happy to add them. Haha.

    Having been said that, my teachers also didn’t blog. :p So maybe you’re a different species.

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