Travelling to Thailand: Chatrium Residence Sathon

Chatrium Residence Sathon
Chatrium Residence Sathon

Chatrium Residence Sathon was our choice for our Bangkok leg of our Thailand trip because we didn’t want to rush to the airport from Hua Hin.

We preferred a three room apartment and Chatrium Residence Sathon was one of the few that offered it at a good rates on

Also, the hotel had good reviews by past guest and it had one of the largest pool in Bangkok.


The hotel had all the facilities a good hotel would have, but the ones we were particular about were the swimming pool, TV channels in the rooms, WiFI connection and the room cleaning service.  These are the items I would elaborate here.

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at the Chatrium Residence Sathon is amazing. It’s huge enough for adults, and just perfect for kids. There’s enough shade for those not wanting the sun, and there’s ample sun for those wanting the sun.

I would however suggest the number of pool chairs to be added. I noticed the chairs were inadequate and we did have to book our chair early to get one.

Chatrium Residence Sathon Pool
The pool at Chatrium Residence Sathon.

The TV channels

There’s plenty of channels to choose from if you wanted to stay indoors. I don’t remember how many channels there were, but there was a good selection of movies, Thai channels, music channels and sports. There’s no Netflix but that’s where free Wi-Fi comes in.

The WiFi at Chatrium Residences Sathon

WiFi at the hotel is adequate. One thing I like about the hotel’s wifi is that it’s surrounding the property and you can get good signal strength regardless of where you are.

The speed of the WiFI is also not to shabby and downloading movies or streaming is possible without much buffering.

The room service & cleaning service

Room service at this hotel was good. Food items were delivered fast and every request made is taken seriously.  The staff are polite and helpful.  The room cleaning service is also good and fast.

Free shuttle service

The hotel offers free shuttle service to selected popular destinations in Bangkok. You only need to book the shuttle at the concierge to use them. This is a huge plus point!

Chatrium Residence Sathon
The dressing table which also doubles as my working space during the trip

Other facilities and amenities

Aside from the ones I highlighted above, the Chatrium Residence Sathon also offers a free safety box in every room, toiletries, hot and cold showers, hair blowers and more.  You could check the full list of the facilities and amenities here.


One of the best things about Chatrium Residence Sathon is how they go above and beyond for the comfort of their guest.

We didn’t realize this until my wife answered one of their questionnaires which was sent a few hours after we arrived. In the questionnaire she was asked “How can we make your stay better?“, to which my wife said “A washing machine would be nice “.

Little did we know they actually took it seriously and sent a washing machine a few hours later.

Most hotels would just apologize they can’t meet our expectations, but Chatrium Residence Sathon decided to send one huge 7KG fully automated (with drayer) washing machine over.

Another good thing about Chatrium is the massive spread of the breakfast buffet.

Chatrium Residence Sathon
Sushi for breakfast.

Queues for the breakfast buffet can be long, but it is totally worth it. If you do stay here, you must get a room with breakfast included.

I also loved the pool which wasn’t the typical square shaped swimming pool. It had natural three shades and was just enough in terms of depth.

Glasses by the pool
Chilling by the pool with my tablet and sunglasses


To find the best rates of a hotel room, I usually use HotelsCombined. This is no different when I was looking for the best rates at this hotel.

Rooms at the hotel are priced at RM263 per night on HotelsCombined, but it can go much lower if your dates are right.

For our trip, we paid RM2,644 for three nights stay at a three bedroom hotel apartment with breakfast.  This is pretty decent considering we are charged only RM294 with breakfast included for one night.


I must admit that Chatrium Residence Sathon is one of the best hotels apartments I’ve stayed in.

The service is exemplary and how they go beyond to make our stay perfect deserves every applause.

I was a bit disappointed they didn’t do anything special for my wife’s birthday because other hotels we had stayed in did send a cake to the room, at the very least.

Queue for breakfast
The queue for breakfast

Nonetheless, with such an amazing swimming pool, and the good customer service, I would return to Chatrium Residence Sathon in the future, if I had to travel to Bangkok.

For best rates at Chatrium Residence Sathon, do check out HotelsCombined.


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