UPDATE 26.02.2009:
Did you notice you have been redirected when you came to my blog? I’m changing my domain name to Do update your feeds or links 😀


…is never an over-rated word when in comes to any relationship.

without it… you won’t be in a relationship.  It is ‘the word‘. See closely, and you see the word ‘US‘ in between.  How ironic that the word trust can only be used when you are dealing with more than one person.

I prefer to trust someone until proven untrustworthy.

Enough said… Do you trust those around you?  or is there such thing as trusting yourself ?


  1. ya, i do notice the different URL albeit being here just recently. 🙂

    Just to respond on Sweet Lavender’s comment…

    i think, if we are willing to give our trust, then we are willing to let ourselves get hurt. 🙂

    [Cyril Dason]
    Yeah.. I guess you got a point there.


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