TV Series Review: Haven

For the past month or so, I’ve been indulged in this TV series called ‘Haven’. The series basically tells you about a place in Maine in the US called ‘Haven’. At this place, people with special abilities come to have their abilities, known as ‘troubles’, every 27 years, and there’s good reason for it.

Before you think that the series is just yet another science fiction which involves aliens and weird stuff much like X-Files, Starship Troopers, Vampire Diaries and so on, well, try giving the series the benefit of doubt, because that was what I did, and I finished five whole seasons in a month, while at the same time purposely depriving myself of sleep. – It was well worth it, but I now regret it because I do not know what else I should watch.

The pull of the series is in the plot, which I found to be very interesting. There’s a strong bond between the couple of the series which fans call ‘Naudrey’, and there’s elements of good versus evil. There’s also a love triangle going on, personal conflict, and of course the solving of the many ‘troubles’ which gives the series its identity. – Sounds like a typical drama, but I find it cool in Haven.
Haven TV Series 2
I admit I tend to enjoy series which I can relate to, but this is one of those few that made me stuck on, despite knowing I have no connection, or not even any ability to relate to it. It was just purely an awesome series to watch prompting me to watch over two episodes a night, despite the fact I needed to be sleeping by 12 midnight. – Each episode was worth 40-minutes of good-ness.

I felt that the Haven could go on for a few more seasons, and it was really unfortunate they pulled the plug on the series, but for what’s it worth, the ending or finale as they call it, was one pretty awesome ending, I ended up crying a tear or two.

…and please, if you think you can read about Haven on Wikipedia, go on… I did, but still couldn’t understand the series until I watched it all, and I must tell you it was just… satisfying.

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