#TwtUpKCH 2012


It’s back again, and it’s definitely gonna get bigger this year.

The event which had over 400 twitter users last year now has a bigger venue, ready to cater for over 800, but I think 800 coming for #TwtUpKCH or Tweet-Up Kuching maybe a little bit ambitious.

Nonetheless, I’m expecting the best from this years event.  The committee has been working hard, and the planning is definitely better.

Organizing any events of course comes with hick-ups, and #TwtUpKCH is no exception.  However, things do look very positive although I do sense a small ‘lack of enthusiasm’ among twitter users with the hastag #twtupkch looking quite ‘pale’.

Probably it’s due to the the fact that the event date which is still over 50 days away, so I think there’s no reason to be alarmed.

Anyway, this year there would be some very new introductions.  The #tweetmarket is something many have requested since last year, and the increased number of performers will definitely ensure the whole event is hip and electrifying.

Merchandise would see a slight change with official #TwtupKCH shirts sold out for the very first time, and wi-fi made available for a limited number of people only due to technical issues, as disclosed by a certain ‘yet-to-be named’ telco.

Another exciting thing is the games, which may see some very attractive prizes being given out, and the planning of a special booth to promote the event in UNIMAS in November.

While I have been saying that next year, Sarawak Bloggers would be planning to ‘relax’ #TwtUpKCH and do something different perhaps.

Nonetheless, lets just see how this year goes on. If there is request, why not?


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