#TwtUpKch: Tweet Up Kuching Starts

A month ago, a couple friends and I were having some small chat about having a massive Tweetup for Kuching. A tweet up is basically an event where two or more twitters gather and meet each other.  Prior to this event, we did organize small puny tweetups among ourselves, but there was never an intention to have it big scale.

Well, this time, we talked about having one, and said it would be good to organize something like the #OctTwtFest in KL. The topic left our coffee table without anything properly drawn up despite our discussion.  A few days later, we spotted someone on Twitter saying that she had submitted a proposal to a few people and sponsors, and stated that she is organizing Tweet Up Borneo or #TwtupBorneo in short. Knowing that we are also talking about doing one, we started to approach this girl (Zmah) for details on what she had in mind.

Soon, we had a short meet-up, and it was decided that Sarawak Bloggers will lead the way, and the event would be scaled down to Tweet Up Kuching (#TwtUpKch) instead of Tweet Up Borneo. #TwtUpKch was chosen as we (Sarawak Bloggers) felt that #TwtUpBorneo was too huge and it wasn’t right considering not all of Borneo would be involved. Sarawak Bloggers will also take the lead in the event due to some ‘undisclosed’ reasons.

Anyway, with less than 40 days to the #TwtUpKch, the hype is definitely there, and things are progressing well with talks and agreements done with numerous companies, organizations and individuals. The list of the committee has also been finalized, and the activities during #TwtUpKch are more or less confirmed. To be honest, Sarawak Bloggers is using it’s network to pull the event together with the help of some awesome people which we just knew via twitter, and so far, the response and momentum has been massive by Kuching or Sarawak standards.  The buzz is so great that even those in KL, Sabah, Brunei and Singapore know that the event will be happening this coming 10th December.

We also had our very first official meeting last Friday (to finalize many things), and we are looking at more wonderful confirmations as the school holidays move closer and more companies get back to us with their confirmed participation.  At the moment, we are reluctant to release the names of companies already on board, but when we do release ’em, be prepared to be surprised =)

I am also informed that some are very skeptical that the event will pull through, but trust me, Sarawak Bloggers is committed towards making this event a success. I’ve also heard that some are saying #TwtUpKch isn’t the first tweet up in Kuching, but let me stress that this is the first non-political massive tweet up in Kuching by Sarawak Bloggers.

Well, skeptics will be skeptics, but if these skeptics turn up at the event… it only shows that they support the event.  Actions speak more than words. True?

Other than that, if you guys want to help us in the event, how about spreading the word, and inviting your friends to come at the event which will be happening this coming 10 December 2011?

I would love to reveal more information on what you could expect from Kuching’s first massive non-political tweet-up, but I’m bonded by a promise not to reveal anything until it’s officially announced by Sarawak Bloggers.  Nonetheless, let me tell you, the meeting we had that Friday night revealed more than expected with things really getting moving and happening.

With that said, #TwtUpKch is an event you’d not want to miss.

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