UCSI & tHE Spring’s Ambassador Workshop

Ron invited me to come over to UCSI’s main campus to join in the workshop done for the Ambassador Hunt.  The topics of the day were “Tourism and Hospitality” and “Nutrition”.  Of course, I was unsure what I was suppose to be doing at this event, especially since it is for the future ambassadors of tHe Spring, but my curiosity eventually brought me to arrive on time at the newly opened UCSI campus.

The first talk (I can’t say it is a workshop because we just sat there, listened, and asked questions) was on UCSI’s Tourism & Hospitality courses.  I think I’ve got to hand it to UCSI in terms of teaching staff because the person in charge of UCSI’s Tourism & Hospitality is none other than STB’s ex-chief executive officer, Gracie Geikie, whom now is known as the Associate Dean for the course.

With the person giving the talk already in the house, the talk on how tourism has succeeded to become the second largest business in the world came to an immediate start.  Things on how Sarawak is unique, and how practically everything is related to tourism cropped up, with some ambassadors asking about whether Sarawak and Kuching in particular can actually sustain tourist influx for the next few years.  Anyway, Gracie stated she was a little worried with UCSI undergrads good marketability in the industry as she concurs to say that some of them whom are already attached to major companies might opt to quit college to be full time in the tourism and hospitality industry due to the fact they enjoy working in the field.  Her worry to me, proves that UCSI does have a very strong foothold in the tourism & hospitality sector.

Anyway, her session ended with a round of applause, and we were directed to one of UCSI’s lecture room.  On our way, we did catch a glimpse of what UCSI offered to their students, and I have to say.. I am impressed.  I mean, I have been to some private colleges, and they are just ‘money driven’ with putting so little emphasis on their facilities, but UCSI seemed to have the best of what they are offering.

The talk on nutrition was held in the lecture room with Sam talking about how important is nutrition in one’s life.  He also said that we need to have enough sleep, and enjoy our life as we only live once.  Yeah, that’s a true fact, and I agree with him 101%, but before you get too excited about the prospect of going partying day and night, Sam also said that we should also make sure that we take good care of your body, and listen to our body’s needs, especially when it comes to nutrition and rest.  His sister, Snowie on the other hand mentioned about the need to take supplements at appropriate amount, exercise to keep the body fit and healthy.  The session went on with a casual Q&A session which was filled with laughter and new found knowledge.  I found it interesting to know that you should take a lot of fruit juices when you want to be on a diet, and when you are not well because I always thought that eating a good heavy meal when you are sick would do better. Well, I stand corrected =)

Guess, that’s that about the whole event.  I’ve been lacking in updates these few days majorly because I’m lost of motivation to blog about anything, and of course because I am working on two websites which are SMK Matang Jaya website, and my MJROBOTICS team’s website.  It’s really taking a lot of my time, and with my very shallow knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and PHP, you can imagine how slow progress is coming, and how bad my headache is, trying to understand the coding =(

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