Untrusworthy Courier


Remember the LG phone I got from DiGI, which I was trying to sell?? Well, its sold.  I sold it to some guy from Tawau through Lelong.com with a RM750 price tag.  It’s not much, but it beats gaining less when the price of this phone drops later.  After all, since my Canon IXUS 85 cost me about RM834, I’d prefer to pay a mere RM84 rather than pay a whole RM834 for the camera.  Its better than nothing right?

Anyway, this buyer from Tawau won the auction last Friday after I relisted the item for a 3rd time. Yeah.. no one wanted to buy the phone at RM950, and when I lowered it to RM800, there was still no takers.  Finally… I placed the phone for a RM200 auction, with a reserved price at RM850.  The phone ended up at RM5++, but I managed to pull it up to RM750 after a couple of messages, which sounded like your typical next door Chinese businessman.  Aiyah.. you know, phrases like “This is cheap already“, “I’m giving you the best offer“, “no other place can give you this price” and “This item still new, warranty one year some more” kind of crap.

Honestly, I am disappointed I sold the phone for less than RM850.. but its all about cutting my losses.  I’ve already paid RM834 for my new Canon digital camera, and I need to get the money spent back.  I got bills to pay, loans to repay, and entertainment to enjoy… and I thought the price was the most reasonable I could get, and RM800 was too steep, and too unrealistic to achieve at that moment.

Argghh.. done is done.. I packed the phone nicely and today drove to the nearest post office to mail it via our Malaysian National Courier , PosLaju.  I just hope and pray that the package would reach my buyer safely and well intact because I was rejected by 2 PosLaju offices, and one ABX Courier service to send the package!!  After years not sending parcels and other valuable stuff through mail… I came to know that PosLaju and local courier companies do not want to send valuable stuff on your behalf.  They give so many lame excuses to avoid sending these stuff like its fragile-lah, customs will confiscate it-lah, cannot replace if spoil-lah.. and the most annoying one “we haven’t sent any mobile phones since ages“…

Lame..lame excuses…. I mean, if I have decided to send it via their services, and insist on it… why should you deny me my right?  I am after all paying for it… One thing which was playing in my mind was how dishonest their workers must be for them to take such extream precaution on packages they are willing to handle.  No wonder Pos Malaysia is running on a loss… *SHAKES HEAD*

Urggghh… I spent 2 hours trying to get that stupid package posted.  I just hope it was worth it.  I got home… laid my head on my pillow, and dozed off till 5:30pm.  When I woke up, I was still annoyed with all the trouble I’ve gone through, and was pretty much disturbed with how untrustworthy our Malaysian Courier Services are…

Hmmm… Sometimes, I just wish our Malaysian company’s services was not Malaysian standard… Patutla tak maju-maju..


  1. He did.At least I heard he did. That he said ‘Hari ini hantar,semalam sampai!’ bt I gez wat he meant was ‘Hari ini hantar,1 malam sampai!’ Hehe.Dont we juz luv his BM? 🙂

    Hahahahe.. I know!! I remember how everyone would mimic his words when he was still the Transport Minsiter. In a sad, sad way, I kind of miss him on TV nowadays.. kekekeke


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