Valentine & CNY 2010


First and foremost, I’d like to welcome the year of the Tiger.  RRRRrrrawwrrrrrrrr… and I like this new year tiger poster (Okay, it isn’t a new year poster, but it is a tiger too) from PETA ASIA featuring the Asian tigress Amber Chia =P

Anyway, this year’s Valentine’s day is sort of overwhelmed by Chinese New Year as I feel that the general market is split between which to celebrate on grand scale; Valentine’s day or Chinese New Year.  Maybe it’s just me, but I do feel that this year is a little bit ‘lame’ in terms of celebration for both occasions. Nonetheless, as far as Valentine’s Day is concern, I feel that we shouldn’t be confined to one single day to express our love for anyone.  If you love someone, you should show it on a daily basis, and so… my Valentine’s gift this year is very much subtle, just like every year.

With that said, I decided to send these three stooges as a Valentine’s gift to Amiey:

I hope she likes it, and I know, it’s simply just unorthodox for me to give something very different for Valentine.  Also gave her a custom made card to accompany these 3 guys, which she said she has named Fahriee, Andre and Cyril.  Norman isn’t in the equation because he already gave her a small teddy during her departure in January.

Well, I don’t have much to say today because my head is kind of ‘spinning’ as if my brain has gone numb or something like that, but to everyone, I would like to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day.. and Happy New Year =)


  1. Sayang, Happy Valentine’s Day… and Happy Chinese New Year…

    Though I’m far from you, I will always love you so much… *sad*
    Still crying cos im sad you’re not next to me just like few years back… love you honey…

    Happy valentine’s day… and happy chinese new year…

    Happy Vals dan and CNY to you too baby 😉

  2. i didnt do any valentine’s day dinner with the hubby since we were all busy with cny celebration. besides, can always celebrate it on any other days also 🙂

    For a married couple… I always feel that everyday should be celebrated as a valentine’s day 🙂 Eyh, u celebrate CNY? Wahh, if im in KK, I’d ask for angpao from u when I get to ur house.

  3. I am so glad that this year Valentine’s Day fall on the first day of CNY..


    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Amiey and Happy Chinese New Year 😉

    Thanks Rose… and somehow, CNY and Val’s day together sort of saves cost, right?

  4. All The Best to You!


    Do any of what u suggested, and I’ll be filthy rich.heheh.. Welcome to the year of the tiger Dell.


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