Wake up Sarawakians!

This will be a wee bit political. It is concerning the recent video which is alleged to tell how the CM plunders land from Sarawakians. I’m not sharing the link, nor am I am going to mention much on the video because that’s not the reason of this post.

This post is similar to a post I did back in 2012 titled “Talking about Malaysia from a land far far away…“, so if you may have read that, feel free to scroll down to the comment section immediately, and leave a comment. It’s similar, but this post of course is ‘renewed’.

Among the few comments which starts to annoy me.
Among the few comments which starts to annoy me.

Ever since that video broke out, there has been comments made on online site, including social media in the likes of Twitter and Facebook. I’ve got people tagging me on Twitter, and also on Facebook asking me to ‘Wake Up’, or ‘See the truth’, or even more direct, “Vote for Pakatan, say no to BN”.

Wow! With all the tags I’m receiving, I feel like the Sultan of Sulu. It feels like I command an army, and that my attention and support for a certain party would translate into victory for them in the coming elections. At the point I’m typing this, the tags are incoming, and I am wondering if I am that influential.

But then, there comes a point that all these feels annoying and insulting. The term “Wake up Sarawakians”, “Sarawakians should vote BN out”, or even the simplest statement of “Vote for bla bla bla party and get back your land” makes me feel very much insulted because it’s like I am suppose to take orders from you, a nobody, and yet you still dare to instruct me to do what you want.

It somewhat makes me feel that you have insulted my intelligence, my dignity, my pride as a Sarawakian, and a Malaysian with legal rights to vote for whom I may, and have my say in what I think.  In simpler terms, you are putting me down, and stomping on me and telling me what I who I should vote for.

If I recall correctly, in the last elections when BN won again in the Sarawak elections, those same voices turned unruly and started calling Sarawakians names. They claim among others that “Sarawakians are stupid for voting BN” and that we are “living in poverty because of our choices”. Seriously, those statements were uncalled for.

Even the description of Sarawak is wrong, and you tell us what to do.
Even the description of Sarawak is wrong, and you tell us what to do.

You know, Sarawak produces some of the smartest people in the country, and probably the world. We can see and hear what’s happening and we are definitely not blind. We know what we need to do, and we most certainly need NOT some outsider, whom has never even gone to Sarawak, be it our interiors, who merely sits in front of the computer tell us what we need to do.

If you want us to vote wisely (or in some peoples case, voting for the PR is a choice they consider wise), then shut up and let us Sarawakians decide when it matters most  because you never know if some of us actually would vote against your option just because they wanted to prove that you are NOBODY to tell us Sarawakians what we should do.

…and when that’s the case, you should not blame us for not heeding your word.

There. I said it. Go write a hate comment about me, and press send.


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