Want A Dream Job? Apply Here.


I was browsing Facebook, and I stumbled upon CIMB Group’s Page. It was like any corporate Facebook page until I found this very interesting advert:

Facebook Job from CIMB Bank

So parents, don’t ever say to your kids “Surfing Facebook and using Twitter ain’t gonna get you a job“, because apparently this is a new breed of interesting jobs available now in Malaysia.  Do note the job requirement #1.

Anyone planning to quit their current job for this awesome job?  I’m sure deep down, some of you are saying “I wish I could…


  1. Sounds like my dream job alright. A few millions fresh nerdy grads are filling in the forms now, what r my chances against young blood? ROFLMAO

    Btw, this site is wayyyy NEATER!
    but i still like the very very old site better.

  2. LOL! ROFLMAO!! this is a damn cool job!!!! its the only BANK job that allows you to go on facebook la!! i’m working in a BANK, i cant even access facebook!!! i can access twitter cause those blur heads in IT dont know what it is for. damn!

  3. Updating my resume now! I’m on Facebook and Twitter so often this sounds so normal to me 😛

    But my cynical mind tells me there’s more to the job than what was written…

    • I have the same feeling bro. I meanonly sitting in front of the pc using Facebook? There must be some part or clause which would say “Can be asked to do any other job at any given time”… and that is bad..


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