Warisan Merdeka: Do We Need Another Skyscraper?


I love buildings, constructions and sky scrappers. I’ve always loved stuff related to construction and that’s why I keep close tabs on new buildings in Kuching, and I tend to get excited when I know something massive and big is being built.

In the just concluded budget 2011, I am sure every tax paying Malaysian knows that our country is planning to build a 100 storey mega tower named ‘Warisan Merdeka’ costing us RM5billion. It seems that the Twin Towers built by Petronas isn’t enough to mark Malaysia on the world map anymore, and so the need of a new tower to propel us towards the goal of becoming a high-income nation.

Truth to be told, I am excited to see the design, and so I Googled it and found the design above and below. While the opposition parties continue to claim that the twin towers was built by Tun Mahathir to show his love to his wife as it portrays the letter ‘H’, I doubt this new Malaysian icon will be built in an ‘R’ shape.

Nonetheless, the question goes on among most Malaysians on the need to spend RM5billion on a new tower despite the fact that office space in KL is over supplied and Malaysia is already well recognized by the twin towers.

Our leaders argue that the construction of this tower will create a chain reaction of economical spin-offs, but the main question remains on whether we really need this new tower.

Personally, RM5billion could build not less than 50 new well equip schools, it could make highways and proper roads into countless unconnected villages in Sarawak, it could improve security in major urban areas, it could help supply clean water to villages, and most importantly provide Kuching with the much needed second General Hospital.

So, do we need another skyscrapper? I don’t really think so, but I am sure the government has more than ‘provide jobs’ in mind when they decided to approve such an expensive and iconic building.


  1. Perhaps, some money to help my fellow Sibuan? Where I live is a poverty area, I see too much already. Then they rather build the 100-storey private project… Erm, wait… If it was PNB private project, why is it in Malaysia Budget?

  2. sure, building a new mega building that surpasses engineering limits is great and all BUT…

    1. we can use the money for better use elsewhere. with that money, I think we’ll no longer see new episodes of TV3’s Bersamamu.

    2. what’s the use of having beautiful buildings when your fellow Malaysians don’t get to study in schools, don’t get access to clean water and electricity?

    3. another country will do something even more grand than what we did?

    just my two cents.

    • I like the 3rd point!! So darn true. In 10 years, we will not be the highest anymore, most probably, when the tower is still under construction, there would be already plans to build something bigger and taller.

  3. I agree. That much money can be used to improve S’wak & Sabah. Talk about Twin Towers people talk about Malaysia, now the government want people to talk about Twin Towers AND Warisan Merdeka?

  4. No, we don’t need another skyscraper. It is good to be ambitious, but we don’t need another one. The 5bil could be used to improve road conditions in rural areas like Lingga, Pakan, Lubok Antu etc; equip them with facilities like clean water and electricity, and build connecting bridges eg to Kapit.

  5. I was involved with the preliminary planning works. Also, I was stationed on site for two weeks, supervising subsurface investigation works.
    I think there has been too much centralized development. Everything is built and developed within the same piece of land. Again, we have known this for decades and still, it is happening.

    • So u knew about this for sometime already bro? Can leak out plans? hehehe.. I’m interested to see it 🙂

      I agree with the centralize thing.. hai.. ‘Malaysia boleh’ i guess.

  6. It’s great to have a new mega skyscraper in Msia. I’m not sure whether its worth it or not. Hopefully government’s decision to build this will create good impact on Msias economy..

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