Waving Off A Black Eye


The one thing I dislike most about myself is my memory.  It’s nothing as serious as amnesia, but it sucks nevertheless.

The problem I’m talking about is putting a face to a name, or vice versa.  I suck at remembering names. It’s already almost haft the year, and I only know half the students in my own class. It’s tragic by any standards.

Often, when I am out, I see people smiling at me, with ‘that look‘ which has the words “I know you, we’ve met somewhere, but  do you remember me?”, and it totally sucks being not able to remember whom the person is.  Even more embarrassing is when you eventually have to ask for their name, and admit that you’ve forgotten their name.

At most instances, I return that smile, probably lift up a hand to say “Hello“, or nod to show I see them, but at the same time, I avoid bumping into them directly hence avoiding a possible “Err.. what’s your name again?” situation.  In fact, it’s always easier when guys (because I am a guy) are the ones you don’t remember because it doesn’t feel that awkward to be caught lifting your hand up, when the fact is he’s actually waving at someone behind you.

Now, imagine if it’s some girl waving at you, and you waved back out of politeness despite not really knowing who she really is, but you do it anyway because you’d wouldn’t want to be called arrogant (and, maybe because she’s hot 😛 ).  But then, you realize she’s waving at her friends/girlfriends/boyfriends behind you.  I believe, if that happened, you’d be wishing someone shot you that instant to avoid further embarrassment.  If you’re unlucky, you might end up with a black eye to go with that innocent act of waving back.

Hence, I am wondering how some of you deal with such a situation when you can’t put a name to a face? Have you been there, done that? How about sharing some tips and tricks?


  1. Dee Loner:
    Hahahah…. Oh my, If im in the same situation, I know how awkward it would be 😛
    Well, Interesting point you said there ” I don’t mind being asked…. rather than having that other person not knowing your name during the whole conversation”… I guess, I have to start asking names now.

    So he does? No wonder he’s very strong in his area. If a YB remembered my name, I’d vote for him.. What more if he actually did something good for the area.

  2. If i wish to learn the skills of memorising face and tie it to a name, I would love to learn from YB Richard Riot. They say he basically knows almost everyone in his constituency, by name 🙂 which must be why he is YB there for 20 years

  3. I seriously have GOT to share with you my bit about this!*excited!* About 2 months ago, I was walking towards my flight gate in KIA, only to be approached by one beautiful Air Asia ground staff. She started to say hi, and how pleasant it was to stumble into me. But my head kept screaming, who the hell is this Minah? .. She, noticing my blur face, told me, ” you’re Dee, Seb’s ex right?..” …Eh? to that detail this Minah tau? … Then she introduced herself more, and NOTHING ring a bell for me.

    I had to apologise many times, and next thing I know, I slowly reached to her name tag which hanged loose at her neck and read her name… Then only it made sense… I couldnt recognise her behind the heavy make up and her new slimmer figure.. No freaking wonder…She smiled, kinda happy that I complimented her new figure though..

    Kinda embarassing. This weak memory..like you, in memorizing names and their face.. But honestly, I’m not someone who’s embarrassed to approach a person who looks familiar..I don’t mind tapping a familiar person’s shoulder and tell them that I know them somewhere.. ehe..

    It’s better to save the embarrassment of not recalling their names by sincerely asking their names. If it were me (u forget my name), I don’t mind being asked…. rather than having that other person not knowing your name during the whole conversation.

  4. Carol:
    Hehhe.. LOL!! Imagine if that was a guy, and he’d notice. 😛 *grinnning Anyway, wow.. thats a good move. I shall try it soon… hehe

    So, you always forget my name is it? hahahaha.. Now I know what ‘bro, dude, boss’ is used for.. hahah

  5. Hahah, all too familiar with that situation. Usually if I forget someone’s name, I’ll try to save myself with “temporary names” until someone calls out his/her name. You know, like “bro”, “girl”, “dude”, “boss”…:P

  6. oh btw, if i come across situation where i cant recall someone’s name..if their faces are familiar im just gonna confess that i remember them but not their name and politely asked for their name again 🙂

    In case where i dont remember them from any of my past ( or current) memories, I’d just jokingly say, ‘im sorry, but it seems im getting old. can you kindly refresh me where have we met before?’. Im sure this will put the situation less embarrassing.

  7. LOL! I can truly relate to that cos I ever replied someone’s waving at me. I didnt recognize her but i thought since i wasnt on glasses, i must have not seen her clearly. Sekali tengok, she was actually waving at someone else. Luckily I wasnt waving excitedly for her to notice me. 😀

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