We ‘Trust’ You


Now, I received a text message this morning, asking me to see one of the ‘big bosses’ for something.  In my head, the word “Surely got some work“… coz you only get into the bosses office or her assistants for 3 main reason.

Reason One:
You did something wrong, and now is pay back time for you to get scolded, or in their words, given ‘advice’

Reason Two:
You need to get their signature/approval for something official/loan

Reason Three:

They think you are too free that they want to give you more work.

So, when ever I receive a text message, a miss call or a phone call which reflects the office number, or the number of one of my bosses, reason 1 and 3 comes to mind.  Yep, it does bring in some jitters…

So, when I managed to approach this particular boss, he said “Cyril, we had a meeting yesterday.. and we have unanimously decided that you will be the emcee a.k.a commentator for the F1inSchools programme.”  (Job description: An emcee/commentator is required to be present during the whole event, and is required to give comments on what’s on-going)

To this sentence, I frowned, and said… “Why? Isn’t there other people whom can do it?  My Malay language sucks with a good mix of Sabahan, Peninsular and Sarawakian spice in it, and my English shares equal problems?”  (Do note that writing in English, with the help of the Office dictionary doesn’t reflect my true blunt English).

Well, this boss of mine was determined to give me the job.  His response was “That’s good.  We need a mixture of languages.  It doesn’t matter.  You are our guy for the job.  There is no one else whom can do it.

I responded, by giving a few name of colleagues whom had better spoken English that I did.  I even asked him to give me other jobs, but not the commentator, but he responded with these exact words: “You are the best person for the job.  The fact that we want you to do the job proves that we trust you to do it.

I continued to disagree to the job given because I didn’t like the idea of me talking in public, on the mic, with my ‘rojak’ language.  It would be very embarrassing if an articulate student were to make complaints about my horrid languageMan…!!

A huge reason why I do not want to get involve in this programme is because I don’t want to leave my SPM class since SPM is just around the corner.  I’ve been off to KL last week, and I do not see another day missing from class as helpful to my SPM classes. But he responded.. “Nevermind, we will prepare sit-in for you“… and so, with those last words, I bowed to his request, and accepted the job *sigh*.

Okay.  In this situation, maybe I am the most qualified. MAYBE.  But, I can’t help thinking of some other colleagues which can do this particular job better.  I mean, for teacher’s with English background to be a commentator… How hard is that?  I’m a science teacher, my vocab sucks, and my language is properly disoriented.. How can I be so darn fit for the job?

I know, the job disables me to be ‘missing’ from the scene, leaving my paper work generally un-touched because I will be busy doing a commentary.   This means, lots of accumulated paperwork when I am done with this programme.  I might be also working extra, from 7am-5pm, meaning  a long tiring day at work, and another busy schedule.  It’s really something not many desire.  Its the least favorite job… and now, I got it.

I wonder, did I really get the job because of my so called ‘ability’?  Was it because I am ‘trusted’?  Or, was it just because, no one wants to do it.. and therefore, I have to do it? =(

Indeed, this is one of those ‘times’ I said in my post about The Teaching Profession.


  1. just take it as another challenge for yourself to prove that you can be an emcee despite having rojak vocabs 🙂

    on the down side…it gives you reason no 3 🙂

    Yeah, I am always up to challenge. In fact, I am kind of excited that I will be the emcee. Just that, I pitty my SPM students. You know, I’ve been going away a lot this year, and I can say.. this batch is my fav so far.. Too bad, I cant spend more time with them.. =(

  2. Haha…I think ur English can’t be that bad…but I get your point. Well, just think positive! 😉

    Yeah.. doing that since I got the news ;D

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