Welcome Baby…


I’d like to shout to the world that have a new ‘girlfriend’.  She’s sleek and charming and I know everyone wants her. Even to touch her body would make any man feel like in heaven as she would respond with the best moves she has to offer.  Although she doesn’t boast of sexy curves, but she does her role to perfection.  She plays her role too well, as she makes you addicted, and wanting more… day after day…

So ladies and gentleman… without further or due… I welcome…….

My iPhone 3G.

Before this, I was torn between the iPhone, or the Blackberry (BB).  A quick survey among friends revealed that both had it’s advantages. However, the minute a BB user said “I actually regretted getting a BB, and should have went for the iPhone“.. that sealed the deal…

Well, since I’ve been using it for a few days prior to this post, I ca say only one thing: “Satisfaction guaranteed!!”


  1. Chegu Carol:
    LOL.. if its still working, don’t.. at least you can wait for the 4G iPhone.

    You can afford one, apa tungu lagi bro?

    Thank 🙂

    LOL.. apa lagi??

    Sure.. This is my first phone which I actuly invest in getting a proper protection skin for her.

    Cant afford the 3GS bro..


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