We’re Joining Forces Like Voltron

Meet Fahriee. He’s already bald for Go Bald.

This awesome, down to earth guy is ambitious, intelligent and takes care of his stature when he’s sober.  He is also Kuching’s very own ‘King of Awesome’.  The title was bestowed to him by friends from KL. Don’t ask why.

And here I am…

Just your average joe, which may be living next to your door.  I drive an ordinary car, I complaint about the fuel hike, the lack of job opportunities and the need for more in my life, just like you.  Don’t be fooled by the ‘suit and tie’ I’m wearing.  It’s been with me since 2006, sponsored by my loving dad.

This coming 15th May, I shall go bald because some pretty awesome people have decided to donate RM500 to the cause of the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) to help children fight cancer.  I promised I would go bald if I hit the RM500 mark.


was collected from 2222hrs (4th May 2011) until 1757hrs 5th May 2011.

– – –

But I’m greedy, and I pulled Fahriee in being greedy too… so we have decided to join forces like Voltron.

We want to raise a combined RM4,000 together (including the RM500 I’ve already got) for the SCCS under the Go Bald campaign.  Fahriee will collect on his behalf, and I’ll do on mine. On 13th midnight, we’ll calculate the total, and see if we need to create GIANT CARDS.

If we do, we have agreed to walk through Kuching’s biggest shopping mall (The Spring) on the 15th May, with our bald heads, while lifting up high two BIG MANILA CARDS saying:


We’ll pass by crowds of people at the packed FoodBazaar, the stylish Parkson, the techy Celcom shop, down right to Starbucks.  It will last for a good 15 minutes, and I bet some people would think we’re insanely bold.

The minimum target is a mere RM4,000.  Anything less, and we won’t do it =(

But wait… there’s more… if we do get over RM5,000… I think Fahriee and I would have to do a flashmob (comprising the two of us) and dance to Justin Bibier’s ‘Baby’…

But let’s not go there …YET...


Simply go to http://gobald.my/take-action/ and click on the “click here to donate” button. You will see the online payment form (iPay888 Virtual Link Payment Detail). Fill it up accordingly but under “Shavee”, pls type ” Cyril Dason,” and for “Product Description” pls select GO BALD. All funds will go direct to the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society.

Once payment is made, the system will send you an official online receipt via email. Kindly forward it to me at CYRIL@SARAWAKBLOGGERS.COM so I can tabulate your donation in my sponsorship list. In appreciation, I will send you a copy / copies of my shave photos via email.

Let’s help kids fight cancer.

Thanks and God Bless you all. =)

Until then,

Total donation: RM1,010

Do help add to the digits, and change the smiley =)

Thank you to
Gerald Lim, Kee Man, James J., Caroline CT, Angeline, Ronnie, Dinang, Mike Cheng, Eve, Rodz, Hitz.FM, Faith Wong, Ophelia

for being a sport and donating for a good cause.

My donation drive ends on midnight of 13 May 2011.

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