What Annoys You In A Blog?

Air Asia’s Blog which features stories on them

There are so many blogs out there, and each and every blog is unique in it’s very own way. Blogging has turned websites, particularly corporate sites into something very different nowadays. Many corporate companies, such as AirAsia, Dell, and even our very own PM has a website which incorporates a blog.

The 1Malaysia Blog owned by Najib Razak, Malaysian PM

I believe, in years to come, those lame old static websites (such as what TM’s main site) will not be so prominent anymore. Nowadays, people want to interact online… and with social networks like Facebook booming, those like #YoRais! who do not believe that social network is beneficial will loose out.

The #yorais hashtag is proof that you should not condem social media. Image from TheBackpackr.com

Well, with blogs all having different types of bloggers behind them, there there is a particular chance that some blogs will annoy you due to what it has on display or inside the blog. While I am not saying that personalizing a blog is wrong, but lets face it, some qualities in a particular blog will annoy you and refrain you from coming back.

Coffee Girl's Blog which is clean & neat

From what I have collected, some find that adverts, music, pop-ups and slow loading blogs to be a major draw back to incoming visitors while others have stated that they do not enjoy niche and picture-less blogs which they define as boring and unattractive. Some also did mention that un-organized blogs are tend to draw them away with most preferring a blog which is clean and tidy with less adverts.

With that in mind, what type of blog annoys you? Do share.

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