What Annoys You In A Blog?

Air Asia’s Blog which features stories on them

There are so many blogs out there, and each and every blog is unique in it’s very own way. Blogging has turned websites, particularly corporate sites into something very different nowadays. Many corporate companies, such as AirAsia, Dell, and even our very own PM has a website which incorporates a blog.

The 1Malaysia Blog owned by Najib Razak, Malaysian PM

I believe, in years to come, those lame old static websites (such as what TM’s main site) will not be so prominent anymore. Nowadays, people want to interact online… and with social networks like Facebook booming, those like #YoRais! who do not believe that social network is beneficial will loose out.

The #yorais hashtag is proof that you should not condem social media. Image from TheBackpackr.com

Well, with blogs all having different types of bloggers behind them, there there is a particular chance that some blogs will annoy you due to what it has on display or inside the blog. While I am not saying that personalizing a blog is wrong, but lets face it, some qualities in a particular blog will annoy you and refrain you from coming back.

Coffee Girl's Blog which is clean & neat

From what I have collected, some find that adverts, music, pop-ups and slow loading blogs to be a major draw back to incoming visitors while others have stated that they do not enjoy niche and picture-less blogs which they define as boring and unattractive. Some also did mention that un-organized blogs are tend to draw them away with most preferring a blog which is clean and tidy with less adverts.

With that in mind, what type of blog annoys you? Do share.


      • waisey… masih ingat juak o? thank you!

        oh… malangnya I’m one of those few who have yet to have a blog. I have lots to share but only two things are stopping me from it:
        1. masa sik cukup – ada jak busy…biasalah. dah jadi family guy!
        2. I donno camne nak polah site yang nice like this one bah. btw, blogspot ok, just to simple lah!

  1. i like reading something that I have in common with, although nowadays I stick to few regular blogs i visited from my bloglist, and only read others once in a while when i really have nothing else to do. i don’t like reading blog that have too much grammatical error, it is a big distraction to me. i don’t mind those people who got bored with my blog, but i know someday some people will find that what i write might be useful for them one day. hopefully.

    • I find your blog good to read and very informative especially for newly weds. Anyway, yes.. I agree.. sometimes we stick to our ‘usual read’ and those niche logs which we can relate to do have an upper hand in getting our attention.

  2. Like most majority who commented here, I’m not fond of blogs with background music. It just put my laptop into a lagging mode, and let’s just face it, different people with different taste. It’s a turn off. Especially when I open more than 1 blog page, and suddenly I got a whole annoying commotion, like a battle of music each playing at each page…

    And I get sorta drawn back by blogs with too much advert..

    Sometimes I love reading niche blogs. Just pure words.. You can tell that they’re really pouring their heart out in that one entry..

    anyway, it’s really depending on my mood during the blog hopping.. no pun intended! ehe.

    • Yes.. yes.. the battle of the music when you visit multiple blogs. Annoying. I always turn off my speaker to avoid such things.

      I also enjoy reading certain niche blogs, sometimes.. and it depends on my mood too.

  3. … the answer might be the same with all bloggers out there… (majority)
    just this year i feel lazy 2 update blog… but it fun 2 do some business on internet…sometime
    autoplay music make me feel lazy 2 visit the blog.. but putting video on ur blog will increase time loading… am i rite??? correct me if im wrong.. 🙂

  4. Hahah. Ok you lost me. Either mine is a blog that annoys you because it’s clean and neat, or because it’s slowloading. Or is it an example that you do not find annoying? Interesting. *Giggles*

    For me… its annoying if I cant navigate properly or get to the one i should be reading immediately. The rest is, every man for himself. Every style for every blogger.

  5. hurm…i would say that blogs that over-emo,blogs with music,entry without pictures/evidence..em,thats all i could think of so far.=)

  6. Cyril, it would be much better if you have reply to post available here. Where I could just response to the comment that I would like to continue the discussion. =)

    @Willie – This posts has really opened-up my eye wider. I didn’t know that local bloggers/readers prefers open topic personal blog compared to niche blogs. Personally, I prefer reading niche blogs and would rate my blogs are niche blogs.

    Eli Shares is a personal blog integrated with topic about development which concentrates mostly on personal development and blogging. Though, I do a bit of open topic posts sometimes.

    Blog Tau is definitely a niche blog. A blog about the LunBawang community.

  7. I hate blogs that has a background music (Music turns on automatically as you visit the blog). I’m not going to a blog to listen to the music that the blog’s owner love, obviously, I’m going for the contents, the blog posts. Even if you’re a musician or blogging about music, yet, the rules still apply, NO BACKGROUND MUSIC.

    Pitch black blogs also turns me off. It really hurts my eyes to read the blog posts. Even worst if they’re being too colourful.

    “they do not enjoy niche and picture-less blogs which they define as boring and unattractive”

    Niche blogging is boring and unattractive? I need to know more about this. Please share your thoughts. Cheers~!

    • A few people told me that niche blogs are boring because they have no soul, and they lack attractiveness due to the inability to engage with the writer. I personally like personal blogs which are not too emo. I agree with Willie, a mixture in a blog is good.

      • Is that so? That’s kinda weird because most the (Western) blogs that I’m reading are niche blogs and they have thousands of readers because they only focus on few topics. I think, they successfully integrate their own personal life and their niche topic together, that’s why their blog is more human.

        Niche blog tend to sell more products and services because they “expertise” in a particular niche.

        Maybe things are totally different here. The market is different. Thanks for the insight.

  8. Hmmm…I wouldn’t say there’s a blog that annoys me. I think it is more appropriate to say a “boring blog”. Let’s be open here yeah Cyril? I am not into reading any blogs that only write about ONE specific theme or topic such as a blog that talks about only Food, Tech, Photography or Sports. I love to read blogs that have various topics in it and blogs that are not secretive of the writers. I know not many people out there of the same opinion like me and maybe people also find my blog to be boring.

    But let’s face it that people have the right to choose which blog they love to read right and let them be…hahahaha!

    • No problem Willie. Be as open as you like. Its a free world, plus I would like to hear what you have to say.

      Writers which are secretive.. oh yeah.. I would like to know the person behind the blog as well..

  9. there are a few but the worst one is the one that has music….i hate it so much….hehehe…while other like cluttered advertisement does not bother me as much as the the one that has music…

  10. I don’t mind colourful blogs with adverts rather than just plain boring one. Anyway, heavy blogs with too many widgets, musics, etc are really annoying. It’ll take me less than 5 sec and that’s it.. no more visiting huhu..

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