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I was invited to meet up with a candidate in the coming election a few nights ago. I stressed to the person I was in contact with, that I would not want any photos or videos of myself meeting up with him, and my main reason to meet was to give him insights of what can be done for Sarawakians and Sarawak. I have long complained that the leaders do not listen to the young, and I see this as an opportunity to give them my ‘piece of my mind’.

I mean, there’s no point complaining, when you FAIL to speak up when asked to do so. Right?

The thing is, when I arrived at the agreed place with a couple of friends, I was surprised to see that there was already a good pool of people. I was made to understand it would be ‘private’, but it does look otherwise. They were talking English, but when they spoke Malay, it was clear they were not Sarawakians. These people were vocal, and spoke of what can be done for Sarawak. They talked like they owned Sarawak, and that they know what is best for my home state. I watched, listened and kept silent.  Judging from how they spoke, I believe it wasn’t the place to say anything. I like to observe and learn, and put my own perspective before making any decision.  I must admit that convincing me for something is easier said than done, but once I believe in it… you can bet I’ll be able to convince others.

This elections, we see a lot of people from the west of Malaysia coming down. They talk as though they know Sarawak like the back of their hand, but wait, isn’t these the same people who also said Sarawakians are those people using loincloth? Aren’t they the same people saying Sarawakians live on trees?

They say things like they can do anything for us Sarawakians. They say they will do this and that, and this includes shower us with money. They promise transparency and less corruption. Some handed out goodies like t-shirts and Tupperware containers. They even said that the Kadazans, Dusuns, Bajaus, Iban, Melayu, Cina and Indians should start voting for Sarawak’s future! (I read about this somewhere, but I failed to find the link/source)

I know, I went “huh???”  (If you are not aware of it, Kadazans, Bajaus, Dusuns do not come from Sarawak)

The way I see it, nobody cared about Sarawak. No outsider bothered to come to Sarawak to help us before. We were left alone for over 46 years, and we prospered in the sense of community building. After 46 years, Sarawak is the face of Malaysian unity. It’s a fact because 100% of outsiders I’ve met, whom has been to Sarawak say they love Sarawak because it’s homely and has ‘soul‘.  That only comes from a close knit community like in Sarawak.

These ‘outsider’, with all due respect, come to Sarawak and promote what they can do for us when they know Sarawakians hold 25% of the key to Putrajaya. They come promising everything they can and can’t deliver. Some even promised a non-Muslim Chief Minister, which I believe is something no Sarawakian ever believe would be a reality after Steven Kalong Ningkan.

Nonetheless, it makes me wonder…

Would Sarawakians prefer to be ruled by proxy, in which you’d see a local Sarawakian leader lead with the great ‘hidden’ influence of outsiders/non-Sarawakian?


Would they prefer to be ruled by an autocratic local Sarawakian?

Just so you know, I’m not for any party… I just feel that Sarawak’s way of life, including our close knit society should be left as it was. The day Sarawakians turn to be like their counterparts in the Peninsular would be one of the saddests day in Sarawak’s history, and it does seem that ‘that day’ is coming very soon =(

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