What Christmas Is All About


This is probably my last post before Christmas. I know, I should be saying something sweet and short, but I’m thinking this might be a long post.

To many Christians, Christmas is the day Christ was born, and because of that, I hugely disagree with people writing Christmas as X’mas. It’s not the same because X=NO and X-mas means No-Mass. Totally out, if you ask me. To non-Christians, it would be a huge holiday filled with Christmas carols and also exchange of gifts, or and yes, the ‘snow’ that we Malaysians can’t enjoy.

So how huge is Christmas in Malaysia? Well, the fact is that Christmas always brings out the giving spirit among Malaysians, regardless of race and religion. I see friend of all walks of life getting into the festivities by actually exchanging gifts during this season. It’s fantastic!

But for a typical Christian family, I guess most would agree that Christmas is the time for families to re-unite. Especially if you are working at one end of the world, and your family has its roots at the other part of the world. Open houses do happen, but it’s normally on a moderate scale as most Christians do believe that the whole reason of Christmas is to get up-close and unite as a family and celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus. Excessive partying and also elaborated spending during Christmas is not really something that is a must, but yeah… some do it.  I know, Christmas is always the time my small niece and nephews start messing up my grandpa’s house, and that’s when I’ll hear grandma grumbling about how messy the house has become =P  LOL.. Ya, I was like that too.. 20 years ago..hehehe..

Well, I’d love to talk more about religion and Christmas, but I think I’ve said enough above, especially since I do not have any sort of qualification in theology. I’ll leave the long preaching to the priest during Christmas masses, and I’d like to wish everyone of you, regardless of who you are… a very beautiful and magical Christmas.

And because this is the season of giving, why not do something to help someone in need? It may seem small to you, but it would make a whole difference to them. Merry Christmas all!


  1. Hey Cyril,
    I was going to make an entry about what Christmas truly means, but then you beat me to it.
    I could not have worded my thoughts and sentiments any better. I agree with your take on Christmas.
    And you are probably the only few people whom I have come across to go against people referring Christmas as Xmas. Yes, CHRISTmas is CHRISTmas. No other way to word it.

    True bro. I kind of feel sad that some people call it Xmas =(

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family bro!

    Though “X” in “Xmas” has a long history of being originally from the Greek word “Chi” (First letter for Christ), people often regard X as “NO” due to the advent of SMS language. But you’re right, better stick to Christmas.

    I guess the young ones should be reminded the meaning Christmas because it’s turning more and more like SANTAMAS.

    That’s just it. Some people I don’t know what Christmas is all about. It’s sad =(


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