What Divides Malaysia?


This matter actually stepped into my mind a few days ago, but after thinking about it… I guess its okay to write about it.  Just hope no one would take my post here as racist or someone whom deserves to be kept in ISA or Abu Dhabi prison 😛

Anyway, I was wondering what divides us humans.  Some say it would be race.  Some would say it would be politics.  And others will claim heritage, background, geography and the list goes on.

I for once think the others do not really devide.. but religion devides us.  Whether your a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu or any sort of religion…. it devides us from each other.

No doubt… religion gives us hope.  It gives up somthing to hold on to.  It gives up unity within our very own religion…. but when there are other religions around us, some of us (not all), start to stare and think that the others are not good.  Not worthy of a place in heaven.  For some, they feel the need to spread the good news of their very own religion, and save those whom they think have swayed away from the right teachings.  Others, try to pull others into their religion, saying bad things of another’s religion.  Either way, it causes disharmony and unhappiness.

In Malaysia, with Islam as the official religion, other religions are ‘free to be practiced’.  Why the under quote you may ask?? Well, I think Malaysians could answer that.  I’d prefer not say.  But to be frank… I’d like to see all religion gone.  Yea.. you read it right… I’d like to see Islam, Christianity, Buddhisim, Hinduism and other religions GONE.  GONE from the face of the earth, and reborn as ONE religion without any other so called ‘branches’.  It would unite us all.

Maybe some would claim that race or ethnicity is an issue in Malaysia.  But, I beg to differ.  Inter-ethnic marriages occur so rampantly that in Sabah you have those you call the Sino, and in Melaka, you have the Baba-Nyonya.  I haven’t even mentioned other mix marriages which combine two souls from different races in the Sarawak.  Maybe elsewhere, people would go “aaaahhh????”, but in Sarawak… it would be an “Owh….”  You get what I mean.

The only problem is religion.  I’ve seen Christian couples having a Catholic wife, and an Anglican husband, yet they claim they are married *scratch head*….Don’t know and don’t want to mention about other religions, but I can see what’s happening in my community.

How I wish there was only one religion in the world…. It would make the whole world a better place. *sigh*

and I know this might not sound appropriate to the post I just made, but I’d like to wish a Happy Deepavali to all my Indian readers.


  1. Nice post! But i x thnk its religion. Its people. And not all but those few..
    And i see bongkersz found u.Hehe.

    its memang people.. but sometimes, I do feel its also religion. yup, Bonkersz found me:D

  2. Jason,

    Its not religion. Religion is just a general guide. It does not dictate to the point of what you should think about for the next minute. Its teacher / guide of the religion that responsible for setting the mind-set of the followers.

    Intolerance and ignorance one of the causes for this. Religion fighting to gain supremacy. I call it “Member wars” fighting to get members and be superior in numbers. Majority rules just like bullies in my schooling days.

    In many cases, I’ve heard first hand from the followers of the other faiths stating “What other religion?” and give me that air of arrogance. And making comparisons and proving their faiths is superior and implying that I should be fearful of going into the “wrong direction”. In a way, its hard for them to ever imagine that there are other things to consider.

    If any religion is so-great. Naturally people would get into it. It doesn’t need “forceful recruitment” tactics just to get “status” within the group. Like getting more members for MLM I get recognition and some-sorta “status” for doing deeds.

    As far as religion goes, keep it to yourself. The world might be a better place.

    I like the last phrase. Keep it to yourself… but then, sometimes… you can’t just ignore it when issues come up, especially when there is a need to embrace another. Anyway, good insight you provide here.

  3. Great post! Ironic heh? Religion, despite its good intentions and teachings, we see more conflicts because of it. What divides us, is politics, geared by greed and quest for power,. Religion is just a tool for an end, we learned through history how some religions were ‘rebranded’ and used for political survival. Religion divides and unites. Religion unites people from different background, etnicities, colour etc, it also divides the world into ‘my religion is better than yours’ factions. If only people see beyond the differences but seek to acknowledge the same objectives those religions were founded on. Sigh!

    ps: The church photo looks familiar. You are from Sarawak bro? I see many Sarawakian bloggers at your blogroll. Nice blog you have here 🙂

    CDASON: Yup.. Its so IRONIC. I guess, the best way is to really allow everyone to practice religion with absolute freedom. And yes.. I’m from Sarawak.. and thanks for the compliment. 😀

  4. The problem is not religion. if you do more research most religious teaching encourages its followers to be tolerant and get along. It’s certain PEOPLE who use religion as a tool to incite racial hatred/ division, etc.

    If i may point out, one of the Absolute Truths in this world is that: all problems are always caused by humans.

    CDASON: Yeah.. thats true. Problems are caused by humans. But sometime, like when there is an agreement, for instance in marriage, most particularly in Malaysia… one has to choose which religion they have to join, and some relationships do break up because of choosing religion.>

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