What the fish?

Being married means I have someone to cook for me at home, and with my wife, who happens to be Coffee Girl (you should really read her blog! It’s better than mine!), really into cooking and experimenting on food, I benefit from having A LOT to eat. My bigger belly is testament to that =)

I’m not complaining because I do feel really blessed by having her as my wife, especially when knowing some wives these days are more prone to choosing the easy route for dinner than take the trouble to cook after a long day at work. Not that I am against eating out, but I am crazy about home cook meals, and Dayak cooking is top of my food pyramid, no matter how unhealthy they are. so home cooking is quite essential for me.

My wife also doesn’t like her food presented plain, with a good amount of greens and reds always being made available to decorate the dish when its served. It makes you feel like you are eating out, only that you are at home.

Nicely served at home. =)
Nicely served at home. =)

Now, when you cook at home, you have to buy the ingredients, and that’s where I am always needed when it comes to cooking home meals.

It’s not really a big deal going shopping and all, because I do tend to use my trustworthy motorcycle to double the speed of commuting with the nearest grocery shop just a minute a way. Googling items makes it easier to find items which I’ve never heard off in English (because I’m that bad at English names of food), but one particular food item is always tricky to buy.

Different types of fish in the market
Different types of fish in the market

….Yes ladies and gentleman, identifying types of fish is not one of my expertise, but I am working on it (The fact there are so many names for one particular fish makes the processs so much harder, really).

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