What We Don’t See In Children Nowadays


Check out the photo below. It was one of those lovely moments I could capture nicely on my phone camera.

I find it interesting that in this digital world, these two children sat side by side, reading books of their choice without caring of their surroundings. When they were done with one book, they got up and took another. Their parents must have done a wonderful job cultivating the reading culture. *Two thumbs up*

If I have kids, my children must read books first, surf the internet later  =P

Happy Deepavali everyone.


  1. Our kids love it when we take them to MPH because they can just sit and browse. Actually, we have a lot of books lying around the house for them to read. WE only let them play on the computer for 1 hour during the weekends. Reading (and writing) is a very important skill to develop.

  2. Haha…I hope you are not encouraging reading in bookstores. There’s the library for that.

    hey, my post on AZAM’s up. My comment on Cyril, the speaker is there too.

    Thanks again.

    • Doreen, Thank you first of all for the 1Malaysia tag. I’m sorry that I didn’t want to wear it. Not that I mind, but I don’t want to be seen as taking sides during an event which I should show that I am neutral (Sarawak Bloggers must remain neutral in politics). I would however use the tag when I do attend my formal government functions, which do not involve me going in my capacity as a Sarawak Bloggers member. Hope you understand.

      And no, not encouraging children to read in bookstores, but simply loving the fact that there are still children reading books with passion in the midst of computer games and mobile phones =)

  3. yes, definitely the parents job to cultivate this love for reading. my sis and bro in-laws love reading and every time they go out, bookstore is a must go place. the kids always looking forward going there as well cos they know book is the one thing their parents will not say no to buy. 🙂

  4. there is just not enough library around.. i wish we can do better.. but i agree with you, reading books is very very important, and that is what i want to cultivate in my kids too

  5. Give me a good book, and I’ll be lost too.. I guess my mom instilled that in me.. and yes, we rarely see kids nowadays reading books. It’s either the computer, the PSP, or the TV!


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