What’s Your Ballad?

I was watching this TV documentary on NTV7 called ‘Cerita Cinta’.  It’s not that I want to watch the show, but it was playing on TV while I was having dinner, so since I was alone, and had nothing else to do… I ‘sold’ my eyes to the TV.  The show basically shows couples getting married, while talking about how they courted each other, what’s special about their partner, their wedding preparations and… yada..yada.. yada.. *dis-interested*

Weddings like those shown on TV look fantastic. It makes you feel like you want to jump and get married at that single moment, and it makes you feel that weddings are meant to be beautiful and amazing… but not many realize the big hole in the pocket you may burn to make a wedding of such scale happen, hence why you won’t see me having such a lavish wedding.  Not that I am planning.

Anyway, one thing which I liked about the show was the selection of songs.  They didn’t play the current love songs or ballads which you hear nowaday, but rather those lovely tunes which conquered the airways when I was still in secondary school.  Songs by FIVE (Now and Forever), N’SYNC (This I promise you),  Colour Me Bad (The Earth The Sun The Rain), Boyzone (Everyday I Love You),  A1 (Like A Rose), Jewel (You were meant for me) an many more.  Wonderful ballads which make you relax.  I know, most of the songs listed above are from boy bands/groups… but when I was a student, they were popular.  Even Malay groups like Slam were popular with Gerimis Mengundang, and 4U2C was rocking the world with “I Miss You”.

Honestly, I’m spoilt with choices when it comes to picking my favorite song because I’m a huge fan of music and I listen to all music (except those screaming throughout the song which I just can’t appreciate), but if given a choice… These are some of my all time favorite ballads:

Solo male: Edwin McCain (I’ll be) & Richard Mark (Now and Forever)

Solo Female: Jewel (You Were Meant To Be)

Group: Lifehouse (You and Me)

Non-English Singer: Utada Hikaru (First Love)

Malay Singer/Group: KRU (Janji Tinggal Janji)

Well, enough said… I am very sure most of you have your own favorite song from the 90’s and probably the 80’s.  Mind to share? I would love to look them up and get hold on the songs you like too.

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