When a prayer get’s an answer

What do you do when you find your prayers being answered at the expense of others?

Do you jump of joy and grab the opportunity which has presented itself?

Or do you choose to remain where you are, praying harder so that another opportunity less damaging arises?

If you are lucky, the later might just happen, but if you are not, you would be left standing alone, with no one to help you just because you wanted to help others.

Conflicting decisions, and that’s the battle between the brain and the heart.

The weaker ones will follow their heart, while the stronger ones will go with the head.

Unfortunately, none of both guarantee the gay ending one may seek because there’s always a negative to a positive.

In the Sarawak – Kedah game, 35,000 Sarawak fans came with hope to see their team win big.  They ended disappointed when the Crocs presented their worst ever game of the season, falling 2-0 to Kedah.

As I heard in the stands, disgruntled fans whom came for the first time said they just wasted RM15 for the match tickets.  I couldn’t blame them. It was their brains speaking. Who’d want to pay money to watch ‘shit’ happen?

But for some of us, we keep silent, because we are the weaker ones and our hearts speak the loudest, even though it’s unheard.

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