When being mindful of opening the car door is too much to ask

Cars do not come cheap nowadays. With prices starting from RM28K, a car cost a lot of money especially if you include the price of maintenance, petrol and additional cosmetic stuff such as spoilers, fenders, canopies and so on.

Knowing how much a car cost, makes it a massive property one would want to protect and keep as good as new for years.  Not everyone can afford a new car, so we try our best to make it look good, and feel good.

But, then, parking your car creates quite a fuss.

You see, every time I park my truck, I remind my passengers to be mindful of opening the door, so that they would not scratch, dent or cause harm to the vehicles that parked beside mine.

I always similarly hope the soul that parks near my truck will also be more tactful when opening their doors to return the favour of me caring about their vehicles.

Unfortunately many car owners don’t bother.

They just open the doors like there’s no vehicle beside them, leaving marks, scratches and dent on my truck, and my heart dented as well.  Just to prove a point, the photo you see above is my wife’s car which has been hit quite badly over the years.

These people fail to realize that a car, or in my case a truck is a very expensive property which any owner would want to keep in good condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the same people only start to realize this fact when their own vehicle becomes victim of other irresponsible people.

I know cars will eventually get scratched and dents as you use them, but when it’s still spanking new, it would be nice to keep it looking new for a few years.

Nonetheless, since many people aren’t so responsible when opening their doors, I’ve stopped washing my car myself since 2008 to save my heart the heartache of noticing these dents and scratches because there are more pressing things that I need to worry about, and you know you can’t do shit about these people.

Despite that, I still remind my passenger’s, and also myself to be extra careful when opening the car doors because I don’t want people to feel sad… but I do wish people would be more tactful and mindful when they open their car doors in the future.

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