When Sex Is Better Than Motherhood


I found this article about Miranda Kerr very interesting.  The title: “Model defends breastfeeding photo“.

If you are lazy to click on the link above, here’s an idea: An online site called CafeMom which is obviously for moms have members condemning the photo of Miranda Kerr breastfeeding her son Flynn.  The photo said is as you can see below, and was shared by Miranda on her Facebook.

Well, I find it funny for a few reasons.  One, this wife of Orlando Bloom is a Victoria Secret model, which shows her body off like this (There were more revealing photos, but Google it yourself) :

No one complained!  Yep, not even Orlando and the moms on CafeMom…

Two, I thought the photo of her breastfeeding has little to do with nudity or porn. Emm… I didn’t get horny looking at that photo… Yeah, no… I double checked!

And three, breastfeeding is a dying habit among young mothers these days (despite the fact it is good for both mother and child), and I think she did well in promoting such a habit since she is a celebrity.

Now, I wonder what all the fuss is all about?  Does this indirectly mean that posing semi-nude is okay, but a photo breastfeeding your own child which shows not even your nipples is bad?

On that note, there is no where on earth I’d be wanting my future wife to share such photos on Facebook or with anyone else.  In Miranda’s case above, it was consented by both Orlando Bloom and Miranda, but I don’t see myself doing so anytime soon.  Yeah, I’m stingy in that sense.

So mums.. start breastfeeding your babies.  Miranda Kerr did it, you should too!!


  1. Stupid silly cows! Those who make fuss about her are idiots!

    But i agree with you Cyril. Breastfeeding is still da best. Well, consider this also Cyril, a lot of women did not breastfeed their child mainly because they have small breasts even during pregnancy and after giving birth. Check out with doctors, and they would agree with me.

    So, it wouldn’t be fair to blame moms for not breastfeeding their children. They all wanted to but they couldn’t. Usually it’s due to biological reasons.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Mothers nowadays don’t want to breastfeed their child because they want to maintain their breast size.. and to maintain body shape cos breastfeed really influenced that…

    • I think the health of the child, and the bond of the mum and child is more important than the shape of the breast. A woman who decides not to breast feed because she wants to maintain her breast size to be nice and beautiful is just selfish. at least i think so…

  3. Some self-righteous idiot took offense at that innocent photo and made it into something ugly. It cud be a woman it cud be a guy. i think breastfeeding is a woman’s choice. there r methods to breastfeed without actually feeding direct, if mothers want to keep their shape and size. im not a mother yet, but i think breastfeeding is cool. 🙂 look at Ms Kerr! she embodies femininity and motherhood and glows doing it!

    (how is it possible that i missed this post? haha)


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