When the smiles start coming in

The one thing which separates Starbucks with other coffee bistros would be their staff or better known as their barristers.  Sure, they have the branding and the awesome smell of coffee beans, but the barristers are the ones which really make a huge difference.

I recall when Starbucks just opened it’s doors in Kuching International.  There was this group of barristers brought from all over Malaysia to help open up the first ever Starbucks in Sarawak.  This sweet smiling and energetic girl, greeted me with such enthusiasm, I was excited to just step into Starbucks.  The name of the girl, I can’t recall, but I remember she said she was from KK, and she was part of the starter team for Starbucks Sarawak.

To be honest, she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, and she looked like any other barrister I’ve met with her green apron.  I was at Starbucks late, and I bet she was tired as Kuchinginites thronged the very 1st Starbucks in Sarawak but yet, she remained cheerful, polite and outstandingly happy to see somone just walk into Starbucks as if she owns the franchise.  Her curly hair and the fact she wore glasses was nothing significant to me, but her company… within that brief 10-15 minutes was indeed very pleasing.  It was like, there was a connection or an instant bond.

You see, the smile this particular girl gave me (and I bet she gives to all Starbucks customers) does not only look sweet, but it was 101% sincere looking.  I swear, if she was faking it the whole time… she should win a Grammy for best acting.  Top that up with her energetic and polite answers to each questions I had would probably earn her full points if it was a contest, and she would easily deserve bonus points if they were in the offering.  It’s people/barristers like her which make Starbucks tick, and the positive vibe goes on to make you feel welcomed and happy to come back again.  I’m proof of just that.

My point is this: No one likes a person who pulls a sour face every second, and no one likes getting involve with someone who is just filled with so much negativity, they could turn protons to electrons in a blink.  If you find yourself always sad, depressed and lacking in motivation to go on, try thinking positively, and try being nice to others, because when those positive vibes start rolling in, the smiles start coming in =)

Speaking of which, I think I do tend to smile a lot when I’m out there, regardless of what I’m feeling inside… but I suck at poker…

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