White walls


I guess everyone is whom went to the RWMF is talking about how muddy it was, and how interesting the performance was, and basically how the RWMF limited edition T-shirts are not enough…

Oh yeah.. I’d love to do the same, but I didn’t go!

I spent the night looking at white walls, switching channels, and wondering “what if I went?”.

And there was the part when I slept and snoored so loud, the neighbours knocked on my door.

And then, I switched the channels between TV1, TV2, TV3 and NTV7 again….

…which wasn’t that much for me to pick from, but adequate to fill my time…

until I was bored…. and started to stare at the white walls again, and realized….

switching TV channels is much more interesting than looking at white walls.


  1. Oooo… New layout! Lately Streamyx really bad, make server up and down, what to do, server based in Malaysia, and Malaysia is using TM backbone, everything affected sigh…

  2. Irene
    >>>Hate streamyx.. I think I’d like to change my broadband, but streamyx is the cheapest at the moment.

    >>>>should have gave me the ticket bro.. I’d love to go, or at least try to go.. Meaning of the logo? I guess not, its just something I do when I’m bored.


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