Why am I excited to go for “The Horror at BCCK”?


I must admit, the title is not of my choice, but rules are rules, and here I go writing why I want to go to “The Horror of BCCK”.

To be honest, I don’t really celebrate Halloween, nor do I really dress up for the occasion.  Every now and then, yes I do so.. but it’s it’s been a while since I actually did.

This time around, thanks to a friend in BCCK, namely Mike, I was told that BCCK will be holding a special Halloween party aka rock concert this coming Saturday.

If you check back the history of Halloween, it does go back to Satan and celebrating his glory, but then, I personally believe that one must do something with heart, and so for me, Halloween is simply a day for me to dress us, and scare the shit out of my buddies.  It has nothing to do with my admiration or devotion towards evil, and when I am saying ‘hell yeah!!’ to Halloween, I don’t mean it in a demonic way.  God is great, and so He shall rule over evil.

Granted, some people will claim celebrating such occasion will make you be seen as celebrating evil, but I think what the heart knows is better, and that this Halloween, I’ll be celebrating my friendship with my friends, while hopefully being able to scare them till they wet their pants off.

Hey, how often can you do such a thing in BCCK?  I do hope BCCK is ready to clean up their lovely ‘fur like’ carpets because I can imagine lots of scared people when the lights start to go out =P

So, ladies and gentleman, the WHOLE reason why I want to check out ‘Horror at BCCK’ is to celebrate friendship, and have an awesome time with my friends and to hear some good old rock music.  No religious motive, or no other intentions… Friendship is a good thing, right?

Be there, and be scared coz the road to BCCK, although lighted… may seem a little more scarry this Halloween.

“Trick or treat” (In that witch sharp cheeky voice)…hhihihihhihahahahahahahaahh (laughs like an evil witch)


  1. Yeah that used to be an issue — celebrating Halloween automatically makes you a Devil-worshipper, that sort of ridiculous thing. While we’re on the topic of Oct 31st, there’s another ‘issue’ I’d like to ‘highlight’ — Halloween isn’t what it used to be anymore. It used to be a festival (sort of) to celebrate ghosts, ghouls, demons, all things Hotel Transylvania, and getting kids to have fun dressing up and scaring others… but lately I notice it’s for the ‘big’ ‘kids’ to dress up the sexiest, or rather, sl*ttiest (yes there is a noticeable line between the two) instead of scariest — excuse the language, but I just had to bring it up.

    • Heck it’s not just Halloween… my God even at CHRISTMAS parties we have these ‘Vegas-style Santarinas’ parading around as though competing for the shortest Santa-dress. Sometimes even the belt is ‘longer’ than the skirt. Makes me wonder hey what in Hell is going on here

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