Why I don’t buy t-shirts during vacations

I’m practically on a roll! Two entries in a span of less than a week! Guess I’ve obtained my mojo in blogging back.

Anyway, when I was in Bali for my honeymoon, I was tempted to buy some imitation t-shirts because they were super cheap, super neat, and I just had to spend money when I was away from home. – You know, that urge to spend because you are a tourist. I’m sure you get it.

Unfortunately for the traders in Bali, I opted not to splurge in their ‘cute little shops’ because I felt I had way too many t-shirts already filling my clothing wardrobe (Yep, see the photo above!)

In fact, just before I got married, I actually donated three huge plastic bags worth of  used t-shirts because I had way too many that I could not find any space to store them.  At this very moment, I am still re-organizing everything, and finding t-shirts I should throw away or give away.

Ready to go: T-shirts to give away
Ready to go: T-shirts to give away

At some instance when I was very very tempted to buy a t-shirt in Bali, the calculative side of me said “the cost of bringing the t-shirts to Malaysia, carrying it up and down the plane, and also the extra cargo I have to carry means I would not be saving, but only tiring myself.” – All this just to have a shirt no one else wears, is way to pricey for someone like me who doesn’t give a darn whisker about if I do share similar attire with another human.

There is of course the risk of being stopped at the customs from transporting imitation items into the country, and God knows how I would not want to be another part of National Geographic’s “Lock Up Abroad” series.

That said, it sometimes may just be better to shop for a t-shirt from a nearby store, or if I wanted to be different while at the same time buying genuine clothing brands, there’s always Zalora.

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