Why Malaysia Will Never Win The World Cup

Argentina’s defeat in the World Cup was unexpected by many.  But, I wasn’t disappointed they lost, but rather in the manner they lost.  Maybe a lapse in judgment, or their inability to play well… The Argentinian’s were just simply outclassed by the Germans in so many ways.  Frankly speaking, Argentina never deserved to win, and I hate seeing them play in this World Cup.  They join Spain, Brazil, Holland and England which all produce results, but suck in their game.  Alright, maybe Brazil did show a spell of brilliance in the last two games, and so did Holland (against Brazil), but if you compare their performance with the Germans, South Africa and even the US where football is called ‘soccer’, you’d also feel that the World Cup would be more exciting if South Africa, Germany, USA and probably South Korea and Japan were in the finals.

Okay, I’m speaking for myself, but I enjoy watching matches which are exciting and full of attacking football.  Not those defensive plays like Italy or shameless France.  These so called ‘world champs’ only want to win, but their games are just dead boring.  I guess, that’s why I always change the team I support when the World Cup draws near.  Four years ago, I was all over Brazil due to their Samba beauty, but this year… I rooted for South Africa and Holland as I believed they’d be playing interesting football.  I supported US along the way as they proved exciting, but I dismissed Englands hope from the start.  Holland dissapointed me enormously till they met Brazil, while South Africa.. Ahhh.. what a pity.

As for Malaysia… Are you rooting for them to be in the World Cup? Like, seriously?

Well, with all due respect, Malaysia will play in the World Cup when they organize it, but Malaysia will never win the World Cup.  Malaysian players have the ability. I never doubted that, but as much as I hate saying it, politics plays a HUGE role in Malaysian football.  Our local league is topsy-turby with decision made to change it every year, and I can say that the Malaysian public has been, and is still very dissapointed in how Malaysian football is managed, and calls by the people have been ignored.

I’ve seen over the years how young students with huge talent go wasted, only to play good football at school level, but end up doing nothing related to the game after they leave school.  There is need for a youth development plan to help these talented footballers play better football, and give them the opportunity to be professional when they finish their studies, but unfortunately, Malaysia is ignoring, if not taking these youth programs lightly.  Germany is investing big bucks in football youth programs, and now, I bet the whole world can see where Germany is at in international football.

As for Malaysia, we normally excel in football when we send in our schooling kids to compete, but then we falter when these kids reach their twenties.  This to me proves that the talent is there, but it is all being ignored and wasted.  What’s worst is that some of this gracious young footballers skip class to represent their country, and end up NOT excelling both academically and in football due to poor management.

Em, since Malaysian Education is so into these certificate and paperwork thingy, why not Malaysia be the first to set up a university offering certificate, Diploma, Degree and Phd in Football? We could call it Universiti Bolasepak Malaysia (UniBOM).  That way, we can at least claim to the world that Malaysian football is recognized with players in degree.  Ahhh.. okay, I’m being sarcastic 😛

Malaysia to win the World Cup?? Lets try to qualify first.

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