Why You Should Get The HTC HD7: My Fav features

Most of you may wonder, why should you get the HTC HD7?  Well, to cut a long story shot, here are a list (and explanation) of why I like the HTC HD7, and why YOU should get one if you have the money la. (I got mine on loan from Maxis).


Big display on the HTC HD7.

It’s the No1 trait you will not miss when you first get the HTC HD7. The 4.3-inch display looks awesome, feels fantastic and would seriously make you feel other phone screens are massively small. If you are looking for satisfaction in watching movies, tweeting, reading and even checking out photos, the HTC HD7 is definitely for you!


Everything at a touch.

While some smart phones need you to apply some sort of pressure to get their apps moving, the HTC HD7 doesn’t. You could swipe, tap, move, enlarge and do so much more with ease. The physical buttons are also very responsive giving you every delight to use the phone. In additional to that, response time is amazingly swift!


Boxed tiles anyone?

Tiles! Who ever expected of a tiled up surface? While most smart phones (or rather phones running on other OS) prefer the normal icon driven style of display, you are greeted not only with refreshing colours when you swipe to unlock the HTC HD7, but also a fantastic easy to read and tap attractive tiled up display.


Full contact and Facebook friends Integration

One of the greatest thing about the HTC HD7 is your ability to sync your mobile contact numbers with your Facebook account. Yes, you may not see the point just yet.. but this saves you a few things. Reason ONE: You get a photo of your friend already synced. No need to capture a new one and link it. You get it direct from their latest FB page. Now, how many of you forget your friends face when you just look at the number? Or, how many of you tend to get confused between a friends name. Reason TWO: By having both your phone book and Facebook linked together, you make it easier to contact them because you can call them, email them or even poke them on facebook!


THe camera button. Push this, and you are ready to snap.

Some phones require you to go to the camera apps before you can actually snap away. For the HTC HD7, simply click the camera button, and you are ready to be the next Gossip Girl. This feature also works when the camera is in ‘lock mode’. Any other camera which has this awesome feature?


Zune, the light and easy software for Windows Mobile 7

Not many of us like installing software for our phones, and I am included in this category. Reason may vary, but I dislike the fact that some software are meant for only certain machines, while those less compatible or less powerful end up struggling to meet the basic requirements. This is not the case for Zune because the software itself is sleek, light and easy to use. On top of that, file transfer, syncing and updates are easily done with Zune.


Larger QWERTY keyboard

Many have said that the QWERTY on-board keypad featured in this phone is worth a shout out and I couldn’t agree more. Typing is indeed more than a breeze despite your/my large fingers.

#08 IN HD!

HD camera resolution for better recording

Say that again like Lionel Messi in the ASTRO advert 🙂 Well, with HD recording, your videos would never look the same any more. I tried the HD video recording feature, and it was just impressive. Add this with the wide screen display offered by the HTC HD7, and you have something worth to gloat about.


Amazing gaming experience with the XBOX Live

I know that most of us do not play much games on our phones, but have you seen the video quality of the games in the HTC HD7? It made me want to play! The graphics look fantastic, and with full integration of the HTC HD7 with XBOX Live!, you get to enjoy gaming at a new whole level. Why settle for tapping birds when you can race cars, score goals and even fly a jet plane on the HTC HD7?


Longer batery life with the HTC HD7

I didn’t realize this before I referred to a friend, but close all syncing apps, and leave on the WiFi , and you still get more than 12 hours of juice for usage. Some smart phones last barely 8 hours with WiFi on.

I’ll be honest, the first few days after I received the phone, it seemed to suck so much that I believed that it was not worth to pay RM1399 (on a 24-contract) to Maxis for the phone.  However, after a few days using it, I realized that the only problem with the phone is the Applications, which is actually not a big issue because the marketplace where you get the apps is still new, and hence the need for more time for it to be as good as rival OS out there.

So, is it worth to get the HTC HD7? I’d say yes… yes.. yes.. yes….

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