Windows 7: The Vista Replacement


I think it is no secret that Microsoft has already released their test version of their latest Operating System, Windows 7.  The operating system, is said to take over Windows Vista which has been plagued with so many problems and complaints that the Microsoft team finally decided that it is time for something fresh and new to cover up those bad impressions made by Windows Vista.

My personal view on Windows Vista is lower than impressive.  Despite both of my computers running on Windows Vista, I have so much to complaint about.  In fact, my desktop which still uses the 32-bit processor is suffering because Windows Vista needs so much juice to power it, and my ‘old’ computer can’t provide it.  I know, you guys are wondering, “If you know your computer can’t run Windows Vista, why bother installing it in the first place?“.  My reason is simple.  I’ve upgraded my computer with a SATA hard disk some time ago, and I lost its RAID diskette, and Windows XP does not have RAID pre-installed in its hardware list, and therefore, I have to opt for Windows Vista which has RAID pre-installed.  There is no question about that.

So, what about Windows 7?  I haven’t tried it I heard that it retains the Vista interface.  Installation also is similar with Windows Vista with little user interaction.  This is a good thing because I really hate it when I have to make myself stuck infront of the desktop while I install Windows XP, which has way to many questions and interactions to complete.

The processing speed of Windows 7 also is expected to be faster than Vista, and most reviews online do seem to agree with this fact after their very own test.  Another thing mentioned is the improved taskbar.  Based on the pictures I referred, Microsoft has made full use of the ‘Quick Launch’ application by introducing the redesigned taskbar.  This is good, because I always preferred clicking on the ‘Quick Launch’ when using the computer.

More beneficial is the fact that I can now use Windows Media Player to play most formats of movies.  This can be achieved with the inclusion of different formats of media extensions in the media player, and yeah.. I love this new feature because I don’t have to install so many video software’s to watch a certain type of movie.  Its really annoying to have 4-5 video players on your PC for each and every video format.

There is also this thing called ‘device stage’.  According to Microsoft, the Device Stage will enable you to see device status and run common tasks from a single window.  I’m not sure what this is about, but yeah, it’s something new.

And of course, Windows 7 comes with the new Internet Explorer(IE) 8.  I am not a fan of IE, but I have to admit IE 8 is impressive with tweaks here and there.

Owh well, there are so many new improvements made in Windows 7, and it does sound promising if compared to the annoying Vista.  Just hope it works smoothly on  a lower end computer like my desktop.  For more information, you could check out Microsoft’s website, or you could do the test on Windows 7 yourself by downloading it here, but do bear in mind that the license to use this version of Windows 7 will expire in Mac 2010, but then again.. that’s still a long way to go by computer years.  By then I am guessing those interested in this version of Windows will already either purchase th RM300 original copy, or the RM5 pirated copy.

And one more thing, this post is done a few days before Mother’s Day, so Happy Mothers day to all mothers, and to Amiey.. Happy Birthday!


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