Yasmin Ahmad Dies: The Malaysian storyteller is gone forever


I’m sure all of you know about Yasmin’s death by now.  It’s been all over the news, and all over the net.

When someone is gone forever, I always make it a point to remember their best moments and their greatest achievements.  This is one of my all time favourite commercials by Yasmin Ahmad:

May Yasmin’s soul rest in peace, and send my deepest condolence to her family, and the whole of Malaysia.  Indeed, we have lost someone whom has long embraced the 1Malaysia concept.  Yasmin, you will live on in our lives.


  1. How sad. It ain’t easy to find a good screen writer like her.

    She is one in a million… her stories are so touching.

  2. I had no inkling. 🙁 That’s the problem with being abroad…I rely on home bloggers to update me about stuffs. RIP Yasmin, may her soul rest in peace. Amma!

    Yeah… Still feeling her lost =(

  3. May her soul rest in peace…its indeed a great loss to someone who long embraced the 1Malaysia concept. I’ve been fan to her works as she reali showed the whole Malaysia the true meaning of 1Malaysia concept. Although most of her work, eg. Sepet, have been critisized greatly, but for me, it has shown the true spirit of togetherness and unity among different races in Malaysia.R.I.P YASMIN…

    She is one in many.. =(

  4. Such a waste…. and it’s the end of the legendary storyteller of Malaysia.

    Yes.. and indeed, she has told her stories well

  5. May she rest in peace… and may God bless her soul… RIP Yasmin Ahmad…. forever will be remembered…

    Yes… may she rest in peace.

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