You Could Be Happy 2

This would be a rather personal post, so if you are not into these sort of things, then do not read further.

Well, so where do I start? Em, let’s just say… I am human, and I make mistakes in life. I do not want to dwell over the past, because it is useless, and pathetic. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful, that what went wrong in the past, will not occur anywhere in the future. That is my hope.

I am not trying to hide behind the statement “I am human, and human’s make mistakes, so forgive me” either. Nope, that would not be right. A mistake is a mistake. It can’t be correctable, nor can it be reversed. It can only be forgiven. That is the cruel fact.

In my life, I have made mistakes, and in the process, broken hearts, moved to the lowest point in my life, lied, hurt myself,… and so many other negative things you could personally mention without me saying. Yup, I can say I’ve been there, done that.

People tend to ask, do I fear death… and I’d say “NO!”. Life begins to end, and when you are not really enjoying life, you don’t mind it to end. For me, I am currently enjoying my life, but I do not fear death due to my personal belief that I am not significant in anyone’s life.

Anyway, I’d like to point this out to someone out there whom is continuing to harass my present life. You see, whatever happened in the past, has happened. I have no intend to correct it. I am to blame for all that has happened, and I do not hide from this fact. The only mystical problem I have is that I don’t know why you keep on harassing the wrong person, namely my current girlfriend?? She is innocent on the matter, or whatever has happened in the past, or more specifically, my past. If you want to continue to find blame in someone, blame it on me, not her.

These harassment’s you are doing, Will that remove the hatred and pain I have caused you? Seriously, I doubt it… but if you must, why not just harass me instead of an innocent person?
I don’t know what you think of those harassing innocent people, but my humble opinion is that it’s a pure act of coward-ness.

I find it weird that some people are bothered about the ‘status’ of my girlfriend. Uhh.. It’s my life. Can I decide on it at the very least? If you are so pains stricken by my happiness or my life… don’t bother about it. Just don’t care lah… Easy.  It’s not like everywhere you turn, you will see my face.

Uh… and if we were to talk about cursing.. Yup. I know a little about curses. Some people curse other’s on a daily basis, but I frankly don’t like cursing others. Nevertheless, if you shall find the need to curse me, leave out other’s associated with me. They have done nothing to deserve the curse…

Finally, I pity on those whom continue to dwell over the past which can’t be changed, and can’t be corrected… but yah…
I’d just like to say God bless you and your partner (which I assume is still with you, unless that someone has left you due to you always dwelling over the past)… even though I know, when I say “God bless”, you say you wanna puke, despite me, really meaning it…

Ahh.. never mind, it’s the thought that counts. Lets move on and frankly speaking, I have never regreted on anything that I have decided after long considerations.  The same goes for this thing/issue.

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