12th Teacher’s Day: Back to square one

It’s my 12th teacher’s day which means it’s been 12 years since I joined the force and it the feeling this time around has been rather disappointing.

My school had its Teacher’s Day celebration the other day, and despite the fun fare, it was used by some quarters to sarcastically remark on others in public. Not dropping any names, but I personally never knew people of such caliber could stoop so low on a day that was supposed to be celebrating teachers.

Anyway, that aside, my vocational subject has been suspended again because of some ‘technical issues’ I can’t mention here. After 12 years waiting, I really thought that my 12th teacher’s day would be different, but it seems things are going back to square one.  To be honest, I do not know what else to say about this.  There’s too much “ding-dong”, it’s getting tiring.

I love the subject because I like doing skills and handling the boys that take up my class isn’t too difficult.  Many seem to think these boys are difficult to handle, but I do beg to differ.

Anyway, since my subject has been suspended, I am now tasked to teach other subjects which I am not trained for.

The subjects I’m now teaching are History Form 2, PJPK (Physical Education) Form 5 and ASK (Computer Science Basics) Form 1.

I enjoy teaching PJPK most because it allows me to play futsal during school hours.  I even bought new futsal shoes! The other two subjects however aren’t as exciting.

12th Teacher's Day
My new Joma futsal shoes. Read the review here.

Regardless, teaching a subject that’s not from my teaching option is never great, and I do hope that my vocational subject would be restored next year.

For this year, I am foreseeing a long year ahead thanks to the closure of my vocational subjects and the sudden change in leadership at work.  The changes by the new leadership are abrupt to say the least.

Nonetheless, I do hope the year will end on a positive note despite everything. – I did lead my Rumah Ungu to be champions of the school sports day!

On that point, in conjunction with my 12th Teacher’s Day, I’d also like to wish every educator out there a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

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