5 things to do at home during quarantine / MCO

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Here’s five things to do at home during quarantine or the Movement Control Order (MCO).

As you may have realized by now, staying at home does take a toll on anyone.

Honestly, I prefer to stay at home most of the time, but during quarantine or during this MCO, the time spent at home is rather too much.

Things to do at home during quarantine

It became a little too much that I did started creative in in order to get through the day because repeating the same things daily would mean the day would become dull.

That said, here’s my five things to do at home during quarantine.

#1 Make use of my TV Box to binge tv shows

TV Boxes are full with apps that show dramas

I’ve always complained about not having time to watch TV, so having time to do just that comes in first on my list. During quarantine, I’ve finished a great number of K-dramas and you can read my recommendations of dramas in my K-drama list.  If you don’t have a TV box, you might want to consider getting one because there’s tones of TV series to binge on Netflix, Viu and iFlix.  The charges are minimal, and the enjoyment is guaranteed.

#2 Clean the house

Paint that I bought to repaint the whole house

Cleaning the house requires time when I was not in quarantine because I had to travel to work, pick up my daughter and run errands in a day. This meant I had little time to upkeep the house and keep it tidy. The quarantine gave me ample time to do just that, so my house now looks so much better.  I also decided to repaint the house, so the house not only looks clean, but looks new!

#3 Make videos

My Youtube channel which has videos I made during MCO

If you are a friend of mine on social media, you’d know that I’ve seriously picked up video making during quarantine.  Making videos require time and there is a need to learn how to make videos. The quarantine allowed me to learn these skills and I have uploaded not less than 20 videos to date.  I doubt I will be a famous YouTuber anytime soon, but at least I’ve learned a new skill which could possibly help others (since my videos are largely tutorials, reviews and education related)

#4 Shop online

Vouchers help me save even more.

There is no doubt that the MCO has forced a lot of us to shop online.  I’m no different.  I think I spent a good deal of money for shopping online at home. It’s comfortable, its convenient, and I get to use Lazada vouchers to get more discounts.  Buying things online not only brings those benefits, but I also get to break the Covid-19 infection chain since I do not need to go out.

#5 Spend time with the family

My daughter doing her thing at home.

I know many will take this for granted, but family is important to me and with my little girl growing up so fast, I think I do need to take a step back from all the hectic duties and responsibilities in life, and just spend more time with her.  They say the best days of being a parent is when the child is growing up, and I can see what these people meant. This MCO has allowed me to spend more time with my little family, hence bringing us closer together.  What’s the point of having it all if you don’t have love in your life? right?


So there you have it, five things I did during quarantine to fill my time.

I do hope the ideas I gave above do help if you find yourself seeking options to entertain yourself during this quarantine.

That said, stay safe, and be safe.


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