The Glorious Pavillion KL

When I’m in KL, the one thing I love most is the ability to do some shopping. There’s plenty to choose from, and lots of malls available. One in particular that I like is Pavillion KL. The place is safe, neat and has a wide mix of every typr of customer, from the curious onlooker to the shopping savvy ones. This makes it the best place for me to bring along my laptop while sipping my favorite Starbucks drink.

Recently, a friend of mine, Atiqah Shahabudin, told me that Pavillion KL won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s Tourism Awards. It is their 21st award since the mall opened in 2009, and I see the mall is set to gain more in the future. The fact is, the award is very fitting as Pavillion KL is known for being very ‘up’, and the award simply approves such a status.

My hope now is that the mall management will take extra effort to upkeep the mall through the coming years because it is a well known fact that Malaysia is great at building and having something big and grand, but maintainence is yet another sad story to tell.

BTW, Congrats to Pavillion KL!

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