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Remember about how I complained about the contractor which says “Saya tau…Saya tau… ” in my last post?  Well, finally, he got things done, and he showed up at my doorstep.  I have been very patient with this guy, and I guess it’s about time he did the required repairs on my new unit, hence allowing me to move.

If you are wondering why my ‘new’ unit needs repairs, then here is the reason: Projek Kerajaan.  Even though it is ‘new’, it has leaks and blockage here and there.  So, I think most people know that ‘Projek Kerajaan‘ is never made to last, and most probably end up making contractors earn more from repairing fees and maintainence. If not, how can such a new unit, which is barely 6 years have so many leaks, and problems?  Right?  Even the newly built DUN Sarawak was made to last only for a good 100 years, yet in other countries, government buildings are made to last forever, or as long as possible.

Errr… if you guys are wondering why I needed to move, well, here are some photos of the ‘leaks’ at my ‘old place’. (Mouse over the photo’s to see what’s what, and click to enlarge).

A leak from within the wall

A clearer view of the leak in the room

Another leak near the bathroom door.

Leaking from within the wall.. Notice the water patches?

Another part of the room, the dirty floor is resulted from the leakage

Water patches found in the main bedroom.  The paint peels off due to this.

Well, I’m thinking of getting my very own home in a couple of years, after I finish re-paying my debts.  For the mean time, I have to make do with whatever problems I encounter with my new unit, and hope and pray that it doesn’t become any worst.  I did think of moving out and rent a house near by, but the renting cost outside is not good for me financially.  As for the view of my new place, it is a total downgrade from before as now, I can’t enjoy a clear view of the beautiful sunset happening at Mount Serapi (the first photo above) from my place anymore.  Nonetheless, at least now, I have a better house to live in, and the best part is it is ‘bad-odour’ free…well, for now that is =(

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