Apparently NinjaVan is so good, my parcel went to ‘stealth mode’

Remember the post where my parcel is travelling back in time? If you don’t, you can read about it here.

The parcel is one of the most important parcels I’ve ordered this month, and I was really hoping it would come this week.

Unfortunately and apparently the courier service NinjaVan has embedded ‘Ninja-like skills’ into their delivery service as the parcel they are supposed to deliver can get so stealth, it goes missing.

This was what had happened to my parcel, as I received the confirmation email below from NinjaVan, after I inquired why my parcel was going back in time.

Parcel lost Ninjavan email
The email sent at 8PM-ish today by NinjaVan

Apparently, NinjaVan is quite famous for ‘stealth parcels’ when I Googled the issue up.

What annoyed me most is that it took them 3 days to get back to me on this matter, and that I have already escalated the issue to Lazada Malaysia yesterday when I received a notification saying the parcel had arrived yesterday, and yet I’ve not received it at all.

On top of that, I don’t get why NinjaVan is doing the delivery to East Malaysia for Lazada Malaysia, when they obviously only claim their hubs are available in West Malaysia, with no mention of Kuching in their range of service.

NinjaVan coverage area of delivery.
NinjaVan coverage area of delivery.

Because of this mess, for the first time in my Lazada using life, I’ve to ask for a refund, and I’m not happy about it because apparently Lazada’s customer service only works during weekdays, from 9AM to 9PM, and my ‘research’ tells me that refunds can take months!

For now, I’m just hoping I do get a refund in full fast fast, because that’s the only thing I can do now.  I have also decided to repurchase the item so that I can get it next week. Remember I said, IT’S AN IMPORTANT ITEM?

And owh… this post of me complaining is because it’s the weekend, and I can’t do anything else to deal with the problem, except soak in my bitter heart until Monday.


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